her meddling in their affairs, but she was only an adventurer after all.
He was under the impression that she posed no threat, but if she could defeat the Minotaur so easily, it might be true that she had defeated a wyvern on her own.


“You are a disgrace to the Kingdom of Caenista for hiring subhuman adventurers.
Retreat for now.”


If that thing was hired by Camille, direct means could fail.
The worst that could happen was that the [Sword Saint] appeared with a legitimate reason, but Gallus was not a fan of that man who was obsessed with strength and did not move for money.


He ordered his men to retreat, but the next time, he planned to take out the [Witch] and the others with a coordinated assassination attempt. 


“Retreat! Hurry!”




He saw the Witch running toward them.


He wondered how she discovered him when he was so far away from them.
Gallus muttered to himself as he and his men retreated.
Elves and beastmen had higher senses than humans, and this was why he didn’t like subhumans.






Suddenly, one of his men was pierced by an ice spear and rolled across the ground.


“Get in the forest!”


Was it the work of the Witch? It would be difficult for anyone other than a court mage to use an ice spear at this distance to kill a man with a single blow, unless the mage could use [magic] without chanting, and could increase the distance and power of the magic by adding more magic power.


But once in the forest, she will not be able to follow.


Gallus used a “Demon Repellent” that was rare even in the kingdom.
These were made using powerful demons like dragons and wyverns, and were made by processing materials offered by the Sword Saint after he defeated them in the past.
There were very few of them, and the one Gallus used was worth several large gold coins.




But there were still signs that she was following them.


Was that Witch using a demon repellent too? Or perhaps, like the Wicked Witch in the fairy tale, the demons were afraid of her?


“You, hold her back.”


“What? Uwaaah?”


Gallus slashed a subordinate running alongside him with his dagger, knocking him down, and then, perhaps lured by the smell of blood, a beast-like creature attacked his subordinate.




Gallus was the only one with demon repellent.
Hearing the screams of his men echoing behind him, Gallus ran further into the forest, hoping that the gathered demons would slow the Witch down.


After running as fast as he could through the forest for a few minutes, he slowed his steps to see if it was okay, when the forest atmosphere suddenly began to discharge an electrical charge.


“Why…, Guaaaaah!”


Lightning rained down over a wide area of the magical forest.


All the magic defense talismans he had stocked in large quantities for his work burned up at once, and yet the lightning continued to pierce Gallus’s body.




Even so, the talisman was useful to some extent, and Gallus was barely able to breathe under that much lightning.


Could it be that this was also Witch’s magic? Even the most powerful court mage would struggle to use such powerful magic.
If this was truly the Witch’s work, her presence could be a threat to the kingdom.


I must return to the capital and report to the Prime Minister as soon as possible.
As Gallus crawled forward with his battered body, a huge shadow suddenly appeared.

[“I am Pochi, the great dark dragon.
I was in this area on the Lord’s orders.
Are you the one who wears the scent of other unpleasant dragons? “]




Demon repellent uses the scent of powerful demons to make weaker demons avoid them.
Only strong demons could overcome it.
Gallus suddenly remembered something a teacher had said at school decades ago.


[The only enemy of a dragon is another dragon.
If they meet, there will always be a fight.]


Although it was not known due to the small number of dragons, if one were to use a dragon as a material to avoid demons, it would be synonymous with fighting against dragons.




[Then die, fools!]

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