ut I didn’t think it would be such an easy battle.”

“Nn~? “

I heard that some court mages class could use the magic of the 6th class and above? Maybe they were keeping them a secret? 

But, more importantly, half of the Dark Knights were killed, giving us more leeway on the battlefield.
It was probably difficult for them to recover so much from the brink of destruction, but they were now reduced again.



“Mi, it’s a Minotaur!!!”

Three Minotaurs suddenly rushed out of the forest and smacked several dark knights and one of the escort knights.

Huh? Why would there be Minotaurs in such a place? Those were demons that didn’t go out of caves and dungeons.

That’s not good.
Me and Uncle Bert had easily defeated it, so they might look weak, but for a normal knight, one or two Minotaurs would be more than enough for a group, but three would be too much.

Moreover, something seemed strange.
It was as if they had been drugged by [Frenzy]. 

When I looked around to see if I could find the cause of the problem, I saw something like a shadow in the distance.
Could that be a person who wanted to kill the Mino-tan? 

“Watch out!”


I realized that one of the Mino-tans was closing in on me, and just as the club was about to swing down, Camille-sama jumped out of its way, carrying me in his arms to dodge it.


Camille-sama yelped in agony, and then another Mino-tan closed in on him.

Neither Nicholas nor the escort knights have noticed us, having been attacked by the other two.

I didn’t think…they would go so far.
Did they want to kill us that badly? 

“Setup [Witch Dress]”


Instantly, my crimson dress enveloped me, and as I became an adult, I thrust my Zanbatou head-on and sliced Mino-tan’s head in half right above me.

…are they prepared for this?

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