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Maia and his butler looked like they were having a hard time breathing.


I don’t mind, since I find it a hassle to talk to people, and I am more concerned about the young butler’s sobbing than the sound of the papers that Camile-sama rolled up at the same rhythm.


Well, then, I should have some time to myself.
As I began reading a grimoire the size of an encyclopedia from my bag, the butler, who had no idea about subspace storage, tried to peer down at my feet and returned to his position after being glared at by Maia.


I was silently reading the grimoire in such a situation when suddenly I felt a gaze and looked up to see Camile-sama, and our eyes met.




I stared back at him, wondering what was going on, but nothing happened and time passed without any further incident.


“You don’t have any sisters, do you?”




I had one brother who was a pervert, and Camile-sama remembered that, too.


“Oh, right.


And just as Camile-sama was about to go back to his work, suddenly…


“Don’t be sorry, what were you thinking!?”


That young butler stood up in the carriage and yelled angrily at his Lord.


“You let the “Mere Old Man” do this to you after you went on a journey and returned to that? I didn’t come all the way from Solvet to see this!”


“Nicholas, stop being so annoying!”




Solvet was a neighboring country, I believe, right? The butler, called Nicholas, was aghast at Camile-sama’s words and turned his face to me.


“Say something to him, young lady!”






I said shortly, and Nicholas sat down on the bench with another shocked look on his face.


After that, Nicholas kept mumbling, and to summarize what he said, Nicholas was a schoolmate from Solvet, where Camile-sama was studying, and he was so worried about Camile-sama that he followed him here to the Kingdom of Caenista.


The reason he didn’t show his face last time was because he was doing a job that was difficult for a nobleman of Caenista to do, but the servants last time were not very nice to me, so he was urgently called back because he was not prejudiced against subhuman people.
That sounds tough.


It couldn’t be helped.
Shall I step in a bit?


“Is this all the documents you have?”


“No… there’s more.”


“I’ll help you.”




Camile-sama, who looked a little surprised at my offer, showed me the remaining documents.


“Is checking local tax affairs a job for royalty?”


“…they don’t want me to get involved in central affairs, so…”




A random official would just stamp it without even reading it first.
But if there was a flaw, and they didn’t notice it, it would be a blunder.
How bothersome.


As they worked silently and quietly, Nicholas, who wanted to say something, sat down without saying anything and was consoled by Maia, who patted him on the shoulder.

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