decent…person? Either way, I honestly didn’t think it would matter since I was planning to gather my strength and leave this country by the time of the graduation event…but it really feels weird.


After saying that, he had his attendants prepare fine pastries and tea, and then went back to his work.


I guess you could say that he left me alone, or perhaps he really only had political concerns about my engagement, and this time he was just creating an alibi for meeting with me.


That was fine with me, but I was also bored with simply passing the time.
The attendants continued to stare at me, but when their eyes met mine, they turned away, and I couldn’t touch the snacks because I didn’t know what was in them.


Would an hour be enough? Just as I was starting to feel sleepy with nothing to do, a piece of paperwork from Camille-sama’s desk fell softly at my feet.


“What is this…?”


A simple income and expenditure report for the Arceides frontier territory? It looked like a part of it.


“Oh, I’m sorry.”


When Camille-sama looked up, one of the attendants came over to retrieve the document.
I restrained her with my hand and took it to Camille-sama’s desk by myself.


“What is it?”


“Camille-sama, there is no such department in Arceides territory, you know?”




I motioned for Camille-sama to look at the paperwork.


A heavily armed unit to protect residents from large creatures like wyverns was supposed to have been in operation for seven years in the Arceides frontier territory adjacent to the Devil’s Forest, and a good budget was spent on it, but I have never seen such a unit.


After the wyvern, a huge worm appeared five years ago, but it only harmed the Knights, and they were able to escape.
It was just a random occurrence.


“In that case, they don’t need the grant from the special budget line, do they?”


“I see …but, are you certain? It’s your family home, isn’t it? Would it be alright to betray your family?”


Master Camille asked.
I looked him in the eyes, a little sad, though I doubt he was trying to accuse me of anything.


“Because I have been struggling to survive since I was a little girl without their help.”


“…I see.”


Master Camille, who had realized this, averted his gaze from me and muttered something.
He must also have been through something similar.


Both of us had our lives threatened by our families.


“…We are scheduled to go on an inspection tour to the frontier next month.”




I was about to hand over the papers and return to the sofa when Camille-voice sama’s called to my back, and when I turned around, his eyes were fixed on me.


“Are you coming with us?”




Nn~~…? Could he be planning to do something?

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