5 Witch Equipment


Magic Gun – Break Revolver.
[Break Revolver] 


This is one of the story weapons I own, and it is also one of my main weapons for shooting.


There are firearms in the VRMMORPG, the world of swords and sorcery, and they are very powerful weapons, but they are also difficult to handle.


First, you have to load each bullet manually and shoot it with magic power.
It consumes a small amount of MP, and the process takes as much movement time comparable to a large two-handed melee weapon.


Moreover, the accuracy is poor.
If you are not a high level archer, you will not be able to hit the target from a distance, so you need to get almost as close as a melee weapon to increase your hit rate.


Furthermore, the bullets are ridiculously expensive.
Inexpensive copper bullets would be fine, but using high-powered silver bullets could bankrupt an average player.


When information came in that a pirate ghost ship captain was going to drop a six-shot revolver-type gun, the disadvantaged gunners were delighted.


All the disgruntled players went out to get it.
But then they got disillusioned with the loot.


The gun actually shoots a salvo of six rounds with just a pull of the trigger.
But firearms in this world are based on rifles, and even an archer couldn’t hit a target from a distance using a gun that was relatively compact.


Moreover, each shot consumes MP and is only half as powerful as a rifle.


But that’s okay for me, though.
It’s all about romance.
However, in VRMMORPGs, whether it’s swords, spears, or bows, there are [battle skills] that can be unleashed using MP.


Although the recast is long, and it cannot be used in succession, a single hit is 5 to 10 times more powerful than a normal attack, so it was standard for vanguards to fight the enemy by timing their attacks with their remaining MP.


However, its power depends on the status and the basic power of the weapon, so when the leader of the attack party found out about this during the fight against the pirates, he gladly offered me this [Break Revolver].


It is a large revolver made entirely of black metal, with a 30-centimeter square tube attached to the barrel.
It’s pretty big, so a toddler can’t even hold it with two hands.


“Miss Carol, can you drink soup? Our sous-chef made it for you with just vegetables and eggs.”




I’m currently sitting on my bed enjoying a warm egg and vegetable soup.


Is the sous-chef a commoner? The thinly sliced root vegetables and leafy greens are cooked tenderly, and the golden beaten eggs swaying fluffily in the clear soup is very appetizing.


“Is it good?”




“The cook will be pleased.”


I replied, and Meiya and Maia broke into a smile as well.


Maybe they feel guilty of not being able to stop Ilaria, or maybe they don’t really understand what happened, but they still continued to take care of me even though they heard that mean maid Ilaria’s earlier screams of “curse of the abomination”.


But still, a “curse”? I thought it was just a setting, but now that I’m Carol, I seem to be on my way to becoming a “Cursed Young Lady”.


It’s strange, isn’t it? Isn’t it standard in such reincarnations to live a modest life so as not to become a villainess…


After that, there was quite a commotion, and soldiers rushed in to the scene.


 [How can a three-year-old girl do such a thing? Do you know who you’re pointing your sword at?] 


A butler-like person who came in after admonishing the soldiers and took care of the situation.


But the butler also frowned when he saw me at the end, so I’m worried about Meiya and Maia.
My expression hasn’t changed, but I’m still worried about them.






Suddenly, the door of the room opened with great force, and I – not me, but Maia – let out a cute scream.
I am perfectly normal.


“We’re going in!”


Please mention that before you enter.


A gorgeously dressed man in his thirties walked in.
Based on my faint memory, it was probably Count Arceides, my father.


A beautiful woman who came in after him is probably my mother.
I think.


My father saw me on the bed and walked over to me, spitting words at me in disgust.


“Carol, I heard you used a curse, how much more do you want to smear my Arceides family?”




I stared back at him without fear, and my father blatantly scowled.


“She really is a creepy girl, Mary, you gave birth to her!”


He yelled at the woman, and Mother (temporary) silently and quietly bowed her head, while Father looked at me again, then at Meiya and Maia.


“Anyway, I can’t leave you here in this castle with your curses.
There is a detached house in the forest of the estate.
You’ll have to move there in a few days.
And the maids there too.”


“Yes, yes.”


“Mary, do not meddle with this anymore.
She’s going to be sold to Marquis of Cairo’s lecherous old man, you understand?”


” I understand, my Lord.”


Father left with the same shuffling footsteps as when he came in, and Mother followed him out of the room, and just before the door closed–




She stared at me with a face that made me think she was wearing a hannya mask, and then left without saying a word.

(editor: basically super creepy smile with malice)


That was scary.
Anyway, please refill the soup.

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