ere the reason he was targeted in the first place, and also the reason he was able to survive for as long as he did.
Although his elder brother, the king, was also a very handsome man, Camille’s popularity among the people had grown by the time he was ten years old, surpassing that of his brother, who was the crown prince at the time.


Camille himself had never wanted the throne.
He did not believe that he, who had a small amount of subhuman blood, would be able to ascend to the throne in this country, and seeking it would be the equivalent of being targeted and killed.


Camille honed his wits and gained ground to protect himself.
Hence, despite the opposition of the old aristocrats, he was able to gain the protection of the noblewomen, who were attracted to his beauty.


Although he was capable of laying the groundwork so that he could not be easily assassinated, he was estranged from his elder brother and forced to go to his mother’s country to study abroad.


His brother had ascended to the throne during that time, but he still seemed to be wary of Camille.


The sudden recall from his studies was probably due to the fear that Camille would gain ground in his mother’s homeland.
The current crown prince was his brother’s son, but since Camille was much older than the crown prince, there was a possibility that Camille would take the throne if something happened to the king or the prince.


And after Camille was recalled, he was, as expected, immediately put in shackles.


“What is your business?”


“Oh, yes, of course.
It’s been five years now… but would you like to know about your fiancée?”




A fiancée who was bound to him.


A half-elf, an “abomination”, born to a nobleman of human supremacy.
If she became Camille’s legitimate wife, the senior noble families would no longer offer him a daughter as his second wife, and his position in this country would almost completely collapse.


“There’s nothing special about it.
The other woman is only ten years old, right?”


“That’s not good.
We are planning to have you married as soon as she graduates from the academy, so you must get to know each other now, or she will be in trouble, right?”

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