Church of Compassion Part II


I think I heard some strange words.
Liking little children because they don’t disobey you, those were not words I was expecting to hear out of a 10-year-old boy’s mouth.
It was probably an auditory hallucination.


“…Come to think of it, you’re pretty small, too.”




I had the creeps.
It creeped me out! When I saw Luka with a dark look in his eyes beginning to say something perverted, I hurriedly tried to cover it up.


“How did you meet Alice?”


“Oh, she’s a wonderful person, isn’t she?”


Luka’s eyes, which had lost their light at my words, began to sparkle again.


“She taught me that submissive women are not only little girls.
Yes…and that trust can be bought with money!”






It would appear that Alice had not only stayed the same, but had grown up in many other ways.
In the Otome game, it was like comforting Luka, who was concerned about his young appearance and showing him a new world, but outside of the context, she was making such underhanded deals… I could only admire Alice’s marketing skills.


But what kind of trust would you gain by paying a girl? She must have no guilty conscience, right?


“For a mere five small gold coins a month, Alice has become my ‘friend’ who always smiles at me.”




I was relieved to hear that the relationship seems to be a healthy one.


Let me calm down for now.
It was still too early.
It is not yet time to burn this place down with annihilation magic.
At the very least, I should check the collection of books in this church first.


After all, it would be a bad idea to take them out without permission….
Besides, those little girls were completely innocent.
They weren’t a part of it, were they? I couldn’t possibly burn them all down along with this place.


Let’s see what kind of books they have today and leave quickly.


Maia, our resident maid, turned 17, and I’m not sure if it was because she had some beast blood in her, but she seemed a little younger than the others.
We couldn’t take too many chances because earlier she appeared to be a bit on the grandfather’s radar.


“Maia, let’s go.”


“…ah, yes.”


Apparently, after hearing the series of conversations, the novice Maia was stunned to the point of blacking out as she stood still.


“Oh, wait, please.
I told you not to do anything without my permission!”


We should go quickly.”


Luka hurriedly caught up with us as we started walking without permission.


Have you noticed? It would have been easier if he had continued to talk about Alice in the emptiness, but right now, our priority was to finish our errands.




“How is it? Isn’t it great? It’s small, but the value of this collection is comparable to that of the royal castle’s storerooms.
A subhuman like you wouldn’t normally be able to even look at them.”


This guy had a lot to say, didn’t he?


“If you listen to me and become my friend, you can come and read it anytime you want.”


“Are you talking in your sleep?”


“What the heck are you talking about? I’ll even pay you for it!”




This guy was up to no good.
Maybe it was already too late.


Anyway, let’s assume that Luka was not here and read the books.


Even though there wasn’t a lot, it was comparable to the royal castle’s library and the Mages’ Guild, so there was plenty to read.


“Oh my, you are a lovely elf, Young Lady.”




A bewitching woman in her late twenties dressed as a Sister appeared from the back where she was organizing the books.

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