lly want to see them either, but I happened to witness it on my way back from the bathroom, and there was nothing I could do about it since they were both in the direction I was going.


In the game, I saw it from the heroine’s point of view, but from the edge, the impression is somewhat different.


“Oh, the Elf-san at that time!”


But I was still tangled up with her.


“Oh, it’s Carol, it’s been a while.
I’m so glad you’re still alive.”


And Flare found me too.
Now Alice knows my name, too.


…It couldn’t be helped.
If I run away here, there would be a lot of trouble later…for example, everything that happened here was going to be rumored to be the curse of the abominable child or something, so instead, I stepped forward with dignity.


For now, I would like to go out while wearing a shadowy aura so that I could invoke mental-type dark magic at any time.
I dislike doing that, though.


“Carol is as dark as ever.
Wearing such a dark aura, you are indeed an abomination, right?”


“Um, Carol-san? Why did you leave the other day?”


Flare started to speak, but Alice appeared next to her, nose blood running down her face, so I stepped away from her and Flare.


“Why did you… Eh?”




I didn’t want blood on my hands, but I wasn’t a demon either.
I held out an embroidered handkerchief that I had embroidered myself, and Alice, who had scowled at me for a moment, finally understood what I meant and gave me a big smile.


“Oh, thank you, Carol-san.
That’s beautiful embroidery.”


A heroine indeed.
Perhaps this simplicity is a good thing because Alice took the handkerchief from me and–






Alice not only wiped her face but also suddenly started to blow her nose vigorously, and I felt not only me but even Flare’s face twitched for a moment.


Alice, after blowing her nose several times, finally looked around and carefully wiped the nosebleed on her shoes with the handkerchief.


“Yes, thank you very much!”


Alice not only wiped her face but also began to blow her nose vigorously, and I felt that not only mine but also Flare’s face twitched for a brief moment.


“[Fire Arrow]”






Alice screamed and Flare burst into laughter as my Fire Arrow burned the former handkerchief.


Thus, Flare and I took one step up the stairs to become the [Villainess] together.


…I was not very tolerant, maybe?

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