Heroine and Villainess [Part 1]


Another day.


“Wow, senpai, thank you so much!”


Alice thanked him cutely as she jumped up and down, and the face of the older male student who was carrying her luggage suddenly broke into a sloppy smile.


When a girl was in trouble, you’d want to help her (but only if she was a beautiful girl).


Sure, it looked heavy, but it was just a regular piece of luggage, similar to what other female students carried.


Because Alice was a commoner, and the only people around her were low-class country aristocrats and heiresses of big merchants, the nobles looked at her with suspicion at first, but she was always surrounded by spirits, so she always had a sparkling effect like what you see in a shoujo manga, which made her stand out in an unusual way.


Then it would be known that she was allowed to enter the school not only because she was a beautiful girl, but also because she was a Beloved Child of the Spirits, and the noble pupils would become interested in her.


The senior nobles were still waiting to see what would happen, but as Alice, who is only 10 years old, grows up and becomes a more beautiful girl, the Capture Targets would probably start to make their move.


Up to this point, it was almost the same as in the Otome Game.
It was strange… I knew what the game was about, and yet almost nothing changed.


The boys gathered around Alice, who was sprinkling glitter effects like insects attracted to a carnivorous plant.


“Thanks everyone, I’m so happy!”


No, you didn’t need that much help with the luggage, did you? The guy on the other end of the line only has a pencil case.


Alice was really great.
Even the overweight boy looked her in the eyes and thanked her for her generosity.
But was it just a coincidence that all the boys holding her hand were pretty boys?


Well, she also held the hand of a not-so-good-looking boy.
Apparently, I was prejudiced because of how I had known Alice.


“Please come and shop at our store again!”


Oh, he was a rich boy, and I was relieved to see that Alice had not changed.


Alice walked through the courtyard with a group of boys in tow.


I didn’t mind, but they were a large group, so the other students had to make way for them.


They didn’t seem to notice at all, though, as if they were having a good time talking.








Alice, who was walking in front, without looking ahead, was scooped up by a leg, spun around, and fell head over heels just as she passed one of the ladies walking directly in front of her.


“Oh, I thought I smelled doo-doo, but it turns out that the country’s doo-doo rats had gathered around the rotten cheese.
Oh, stinky smell, you’re really disturbing me.”


The High Lord was finally here.


Flare, the incarnation of evil, dashingly appeared, accompanied by assassin maids who were not ordinary to look at (there were more of them) and a few students, and gave Alice a scornful glare and words of contempt while hiding her mouth with a fan made of peacock tail feathers.


…She was incredibly beautiful, wasn’t she? Was she really a ten-year-old?


Unlike Alice and me of the Great Plains, a glimpse of the bulge was visible even on her uniform.


Her long, wavy hair appeared wavy due to the constant updrafts caused by the fire spirit she keeps.


Aside from the assassin maid, who was constantly emitting a killing spirit, the two girls and boys walking behind Flare, wearing collars and, staring at Flare with a groggy look on their faces, appeared to have more of a hint of madness than common sense.


“Oh, you, what are you doing all of a sudden?”


“You rotten things use other people’s words nowadays.
Get out of my way or die!”


“You’re being cruel!”


Flare scowled when Alice complained with a bloody nose.


As expected, of Flare.
I, too, am the type of person who puts my hands over my mouth to cover it, but unlike me, who just can’t be bothered to talk, she had no hesitation in executing her plans.
(* Carol was not aware that she was also the type of person who would not hesitate to do things she wanted to do).


But how could she harm Alice, who was guarded by several spirits? Flare appeared to have scooped up Alice’s legs with her feet rather than kick her off.


Thanks to my position, both Alice’s cat-print pants and Flare’s silk lace pants were in full view, but neither of them had the presence of mind to be ashamed of it.


Did she let her fall without causing any damage (nosebleeds don’t count?).
The two women were in a state of conflict, and the spirits of Alice and Flare’s fire spirit were glaring at each other above their heads.


To put it another way, Flare’s Spirit was one size larger than those that surrounded Alice.
Could it be a Great Spirit?

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