Magic Academy [Part 1]


“Look, if you are not going to move, you’ll be hit, now to the right.




The [Lightning] magic I unleashed caused Pochi, the dark dragon, to scream and roll around in order to avoid the lightning strike.


In the VRMMO, the power and resist rate of magic would change depending on the amount of [Magic Power] used, but I have a feeling that the power had increased even though I was not adding any magic power to it.


I wonder what the reason for this was? I think it was because of the “experience” of using magic.
In the game, as skill levels increased, the power of magic increased and MP consumption decreased, but the amount of magic power consumed was the same for all spells, such as attack magic.


In short, spells that were frequently used in the same system would have their effects increased.
Of course, there were disadvantages as well, like spells that were used for the first time would be slightly less powerful.
However, it would be more practical to simply use a weakened spell because reducing the magic power used to cast it would be much easier.


But, you know? I could still beat my enemies with the same power calculations I did before, couldn’t I? I know this wasn’t a game and there may be individual differences, but people in this world were not that strong, right?


Unlike me, who had my Player Character’s ability, although there were no levels.
There were no status increases or HP and MP increases due to leveling up… but I had no idea that even one status increase at a time like this was so important….


[Carol! You’re not on the right, you’re on the left!]


“From my point of view, it was on the right.
From Pochi’s point of view, it’s the side that holds the bowl.”


[What’s a “bowl”?]


Pardon me, the doggie was basically eating like a dog.
I received a grand complaint from Pochi, who was emitting a buzzing, scorching smoke from all over its body.


Pochi was also desperate because he had not received any recovery for quite some time, which was stressing him out.


It had been almost five years since we moved to the Royal Capital, and as an owner, I kept on training Pochi in my spare time to improve its fighting skills.


Pochi was really a no-good dragon.
I wish I had noticed this when it was being held down by me.
Even though there was a level difference between us, even though it had been alive for more than 1,000 years, it had only improved its production skills and had hardly improved its combat skills.


If this were a game, it would be possible to level up and gain some HP and status even with all the production skills, but Pochi was probably only at its starting point.


Well, dragons have high basic stats, so I suppose he was able to get by most of the time, but despite having nearly 10 times the stats of humans with levels and body enhancements, he was only as strong as me, a half elf.


That was not allowed.
As a gamer, I would not allow it.
A dragon must be strong and good-looking.


When I stressed this to him, Pochi appeared to be deeply moved by my words.


[O, oh, is, is that…so?]


Pochi was very enthusiastic and agreed to improve its combat skills.


Since then, I continued training for more than four years, but I still had trouble strengthening my skills because the real world was harder than I thought it would be.


That was because I was comparing it to a game.
A day in a mobile game would be about 1~2 hours, but in the VRMMO, the perceived time was 5 times longer than normal time, and users would complain that they had to train for years to increase their power, just like in the real world.


Still, I believe that Pochi had become strong enough to win against ordinary dragons without any problem, if not against legendary-class ancient dragons like Nidhogg.

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