Cashmere brought a pure white dress that looked custom-made.


I was forced to change into cosplay-style clothing, with bare shoulders, white fur around my neck, wrists, and ankles, and fur on my buttocks like a bunny tail.


I was really being treated like a pet.
What kind of nightclub companion did he think I was?


We departed for the castle with Dirk and Cashmere in the Duke of Prata’s carriage.
My stomach was seriously aching.


Dirk must have liked my outfit because he kept me on his lap the whole time, and said something sickening with glee.


“When you grow up, I’ll make you the same dress with a shorter hem, so I can see your legs.”




Sorry, I humbly refuse.


When we arrived at the castle, there were indeed no little girls like me.


I was taken into a reception room after being stared at with disgust by the castle staff, while Dirk and the others went to the party hall.


After several minutes of being left alone without being served tea, the door opened without another knock and three adults entered.


“Oh, is this the abomination from the Arceides family?”


“It’s filthy.
But it’s convenient.
And she looks pretty decent, too.”


“Hi, you must be the Bunny-chan the boys told me about, Flare’s favorite, but I’m going to have to ask you to bear with us this time.”




The well-dressed man from before, a woman with a bunch of jewels on her head, and finally, someone who could be the Duke of Prata entered the room.
Oh well, Flare might end up in a bad mood if they mess with me, the wholesaler of cosmetics.
…I hope everything will be fine.


The two uncles looked at me with a frown, as if they were trying to judge me, while the stern-looking woman scowled at me, and finally, after saying whatever she wanted to say, she added.


“This should not be a problem, Prime Minister.
I’ll leave the rest to you.”




“Well, shall we go back?”


And so, without any explanation, they went away.


With a clank, the maid set a plate of sweets and a cup of tea on the table as if to slam it down, and then she too left.


Ah, they must have been instructed to just give me sweets and leave me alone until Dirk returned, I see.


But even if she didn’t poison me, I wouldn’t touch sweets that might be mixed with insects just to harass me.


I thought of killing time by taking out my own snacks and books from [Bag], but after an hour, I could still hear the party music coming from far away, and I was getting tired of it.


How long did these parties go on for? The tea got cold, and the maid didn’t come to replace it, so I decided to make a move.


“Setup [Witch Dress]”


After transforming into Witch Mode, I sneaked out of the room by opening the window.


I see, this was the castle of the Royal Capital….
The interior was not much different from the castle of the Counts of Arceides, but the scale of the castle was very different.


I briefly considered taking money from the treasury for the national budget just to harass them, but it was difficult to tell where it was in this huge castle.




At any rate, there was a magnificent stone statue in a courtyard-like place, so I scribbled all over its face with black ink.


The party music sounded much louder when I got here.


…I was a little curious.
I was not interested in the nobility of this country, but I was a girl after all, so I longed for something glamorous.


Moving to a terrace away from the venue, I took a sneak peek at the party venue from there.

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