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“Set [Doubling]”


Using the power multiplier ability, I hold up my magic bow Gandiva and jump as high as I can.


“[Sniper Shot]”




A penetrating [Combat Skill] was shot directly down from above, piercing the ground, and water began to ooze slightly afterwards.




“Please make the rest of the well as you see fit.”


I said to the stunned Daemon villagers, as I changed into my Witch Dress and went to the planned field site.


“Set [Witch Wand].”


I readied my wand for magical warfare and put my magic power into it.


The Daemons who had come to see what was going on ran away with blue faces when they felt the strange magical power I suddenly collected and filled my wand with.


As more magic power continued to accumulate….
Pebbles shatter and the earth shakes as the magic becomes a physical force that swirls around me.


I loosely swing my wand, like a Magical Girl, and release a spell to use the magic I have accumulated.




The maximum destructive magic I could use at the moment.
The 6th Class Magic of wind [Blast].


The reason I had never used it before was that it was too powerful to use.
The MP consumption was great, but it was only a magic that destroyed things over a wide area with no penalty in power, so in the VRMMO, using this in the wrong hunting spot would get you exposed on the forums as if you were some sort of criminal.




“The big rock is gone, please take care of the rest.”


I passed by the stunned villagers’ heads, tapping him on the shoulder as he opened his mouth so wide that his jaw appeared to be about to fall off.


I have complied with their request, so there was no reason for them to complain.


“Please do your best.
It’s your village.”


As I was about to leave, I noticed what appeared to be some villagers kneeling out of the corner of my eye.
What happened to them?


It had been almost a year since I moved to the capital after living such a harsh life.


It was not peaceful, but it was going reasonably well, wasn’t it? I must quickly grow up and regain my full strength.


As I returned to the capital with such thoughts in my mind, an outrageous baptism from the Otome game awaited me.

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