ised that I could hold down a dragon that was bigger than a horse by just holding down its body….
The dragon also melted at my hand technique.




“Stop it, aaaaaaa…”


I was more concerned about something else.
According to the history of the Kingdom of Caenista, the nation of humans, an invasion was launched by the Daemons, and the Kingdom of Caenista took the lead in defeating two of the Daemon nations, making the last Daemon nation retreat, but because the Daemons released demons on the land they invaded, it became demon territory, and they never got their territory back.


But the Daemons have been here longer than the kingdom’s history, and there were even Daemon remains here.


Even if Daemon did unleash demons, it would be strange for the area to have turned into a demon forest dense with magical elements in just a few decades.


If that was the case, then this area was originally a demon forest, and the human tribe launched an invasion war against it?


It was also possible that Daemon initiated the war against them, and they invaded in the opposite direction, but since they claimed Daemon’s territory as their own, I was not able to tell which side was right.


Did they become subhuman-haters as a result of being attacked by Daemons, or did they attack the Daemons as a result of their determination to maintain human race supremacy, and who exactly led the attack?


Which country started the war against the Daemons?


It was a little suspicious.
I would have to look into it.


For now, I would like to ask Pochi to take the lead and bring the Daemon people here.


That concludes my request.
Well, it didn’t look like anything interesting would come out of the ruins, but it was a good thing that I had Pochi to help me strengthen my skills.


I reported to the eldest of the Daemons, and when I came back here a few days later…


“Witch-dono! We’ve been waiting for you!”




What could it be? Was there trouble again?

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