When I entered the guild, I was met with a “what are you doing here?” look from a male staff member who knew me, a sympathetic look from a female staff member, and a serious look from a female staff member who had signed a contract with me.


“Welcome, Witch-san.
How can I help you today? Did you find another new spell?”


“Not today.
I want this item to be checked.”


“This is… an unusual item.”


When I showed her the simple magical tool, the female staff member – her name was Jill-san (early 20s, no boyfriend) – her eyes lit up.


“It’s something the daemon tribe used to use.
Other continents have some devices similar to this, but they are more powerful than the ones we use in this country.
…Can you sell it to us?”


“This time, I want it to be usable.
What I’ll give you is a sample for now.”


“I see.
Then how about we buy it as research material and coordinate with you to make it usable in exchange for the money?”




The deal was made.
Jill-san won’t make a bad deal out of it.


I would then have to wait about two hours for them to give a light examination and tell me the uses of the other magical tools and the most recent magical letters they were researching that I had requested.


I could have gone outside for shopping, but I was tired today, so I decided to wait in the backyard of the guild.


It seemed that this area also served as a rest area for the staff, and Jill gave me permission to use the women’s wing freely.
She said it would cause fewer problems than if I just stayed there.


In my previous life, I would read a book on my mobile to pass the time, but now I took out a book directly from my Bag and read it.
Which was more convenient? I think I am more comfortable with the way things are now.




Not good.
I was getting really sleepy.


My body doesn’t feel tired now, but it feels as though something heavy has accumulated deep inside my body.
This might have been a bad idea.
If the transformation breaks loose on my way home, it would be troublesome.




I did not have a choice.
I made sure there were no other people around and mumbled a “Command”.


“…Set Off [Witch Dress].”


The Witch Dress popped off and went back into the bag, and I was back to my five-year-old self, dressed in a regular one-piece dress.




After returning to normal, I felt really sleepy.
Would it be inappropriate if I slept here? I walked out of the rest area and into the backyard, where I lay down under a tree near the pond.


After a half-hour nap, I should feel much better.
Good night.




“――Hey, hey, you”




When I opened my eyes slightly to see someone shaking my shoulder, I noticed a small child staring at me with a slightly terrified expression on his face.




“…have you awakened? My name is Maro.
…you’re an elf, are you alright? “




The boy, Maro, was about my age – I was a little smaller than most five-year-olds, so Maro must have been about four.
I wondered if he was one of the staff’s children.


“You were asleep, are you hurt?”




“…I see.”


Apparently, he was worried about me.
Is he a typical, well-behaved kid? But I think he was a bit timid and lacked courage.


“I’m a Half-Elf, are you scared?”




I asked him, and Maro looked a little surprised, then shook his head hurriedly.


“No, I’m not scared.
…I was scared when I saw Elf-san for the first time, but you’re not scary.”




I had been involved with so many unusual kids lately, like Alice and Flare, that it was a relief to see a normal kid.


“What’s Maro doing here?”


“I’m staying here until my father is done with his business.
I’m a little weak.”


Because of his fragility, he was told to relax in the backyard.
He must be concerned about my health because of this.
He was a fine young man.


But since he said [Father], maybe he was a child of a nobleman or a great person? However, he did not seem to be a sub-human hater? If that’s the case–


“Maro, do you want to play?”



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