Orc King [Part 1]


“Wha, what are those big orcs?”






Beastmen, Generals, and Kings.


These are the types of bosses you will find in the forest’s depths when you attack a Beast Sub-human type monster base or other types of bases.


There were two types of Orc General: the Warrior type had 500 HP, 180 Physical Defense, Rank D, and had two-handed weapon skills.


The sorcerer type was Rank D with 350 HP and 120 Physical Defense.
Depending on the individual, it would use either offensive or healing magic.


And the Orc King was around level 50, Rank C, with 800 HP and 300 Physical Defense, and was a ruthless boss, so players had set their sights on defeating it.


…That was until the level 50 skill limit was lifted.


“[Ex Silent]”






Two General Mages received my range version of the 3rd Class [Silence], and the 6th Class [Area Silence] magic panicked.
The three General Knights and the Orc King yelled in anger and surprise.


It would be troublesome if they recovered from the damage I had just inflicted on them.


“[All Protection]”


I cast a higher version of [Barrier] on myself, increasing my 3rd class defense by 10%, and a 6th class [Holy Barrier], which increases my physical and magical resistance by 15%.


This increased my physical defense from 270 to 310, increasing my Rank from C to C+.
My magic resistance barely increased, and it was now at Rank C.




The Orc King, who had noticed me self-reinforcing, screeched as he swung his axe.


“[Acid Cloud]”




I pulled out my Zanbatou Ridil and slashed at one of the General Mages, who could not resist the first hit of the ranged magic [Acid Cloud] and collapsed.


The [Acid Cloud] did not only damage but also lowered the enemy’s perception and gradually reduced their physical defense, but I was lucky enough to take out one of the mages with my damage.




As I rushed in, one of the General Knights slammed an ax into me.
Still, I lightly dodged it because of the lowered hit rate and stabbed the Zanbatou deep into the other Mage, who still had the Silence effect, and reaped its life.




The Orc King roared in rage as his subordinates were defeated one by one; come at me.
However, I planned to leave it after clearing up the mobs.


“[Fire Ball]”


I blasted a [Fire Ball] between the King and me to create a gap.


The magic created by my magic will not harm me.
I was able to surround the general knights in the range, but I couldn’t defeat even one of them due to their high HP.


However, it was great that I eliminated all the mages who might have been able to resist my magic.
I wouldn’t be able to cut them down all at once if they were healed or protected.


“[Blade Cyclone]”


The two-handed sword-range [Combat Skills] Blade Cyclone chipped away the remaining HP of the General Knights.


The General Knights crumble, and the last remaining Orc King glares at me with eyes filled with anger, but it cautiously holds up an ax as I hold my Ridil in both hands, closing the gap between us.




The next moment, Ridil and the battleaxe collide, and sparks fly.




The Orc King’s eyes widened in astonishment as I, who was several times smaller than him, managed to parry his ax strike.

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