The Daemons here were the people who were left behind when the war between humanity and the Daemon race broke out about a hundred years ago.


At that time, there were three Daemon nations, two of which were destroyed by the human nations, and the remaining Daemon nation united their army and withdrew, leaving the Daemons in the forest.
They lived in the forest, fearful of monsters, and led a peaceful life.


“Recently, however, human races have been seen in the forest.
The worst of humanity in the Kingdom of Caenista were recently found in the forest.
If they encounter a Daemon tribe, they would kill the men, capture the women and children, and turn them into slaves.”


“You didn’t have to live so close to the outside though…”


Certainly, the nobles in this country, even I, who was a noble, would only be viewed as pets for being a subhuman.


“Originally, we used to live in a more remote area, but we were attacked by a herd of Orcs.
We escaped to this area.”


I see.
That’s tough.


Even if they escaped, there would still be monsters everywhere in the Devil’s Forest.
And if they leave this forest, they will be attacked by the humans.
Nevertheless, what kind of people would come to a place like this to hunt people to be used as slaves?


“I would like to ask you a favor if possible.”


I had a feeling that trouble was on the way.


“This place is already dangerous.
Everywhere is dangerous, but it’s better than being attacked endlessly by humans.
I would like to ask for your help in defeating the Orcs.”


“Elder! I’m not going to let this person…”


“Shut up! If our guest were serious, we would already be destroyed by now.”


The elder seemed to recognize my power.
And he wished to return to where they originally came from, to avoid the slave hunters of the humans targeting them, who had recently appeared.


I would not be needlessly hostile to them just because they were Daemons, but I would not cooperate with them out of the goodness of my heart.


“What’s the reward?”


“I have some gold and sand, but… oh, yes.
I have some old magical tools used by soldiers in the land of the Daemons.
How about that?”


“May I see them?”


Some of the magical tools he showed me were broken, but there were also some interesting ones that I had seen in the game.


Well, if they paid me in advance, I’d take it.


The job was to exterminate the Orcs nesting in their old village.
And then I had to escort them back there.


“Then, I’ll start tomorrow.”


“Starting tomorrow…”


It was almost 3 a.m., you know.
It would be morning if I went there now, and sleep was necessary.


That’s why I came to the village of the Daemon tribe again the next day.




“You came well without running away.
I’ll show you the way.”




The person who greeted me and led me to the village was Harry, the warrior from the Daemon tribe who had gotten involved with me the day before.


I didn’t get angry or hold a grudge just because he was so hostile to me from the beginning.


“How far is it?”


“It’s about a whole day straight east.
If you don’t follow me properly, it will take even longer.”


“It would take too much time.”




I grabbed Harry by the neck and suddenly ran through the forest at full acceleration with Body Enhancement 4.




It was annoying.


Please don’t make a fuss about a mere 200 kilometers per hour run, mister.
Just for the record, I was still holding back.


“…There it is.


An hour later, on top of a small hill, the pale-faced Harry informed me of where the village used to be.


“…Uppu…how are you going to attack it? The last time I saw them, there were about 50 of them.
I can fight them, but only one at a time, you know? …ugh.”


At least about 50 Orc… it was nighttime, but I could see wriggling objects all over the place.
Maybe there was a higher-level species or something.


I doubt that they were the same monsters that the Daemons faced, but all the Orcs I had encountered so far attacked me the moment I met them, so they were my enemies.


“Then please step back.”


“Oh, hey, what the…”


“Set [Witch Wand].”


I took out the exclusive weapon for the Witch Dress, a wand with a 15% increase in attribute effects, and channeled my magic power into it.


“–[Thunder Rain]–“


The 6th class ranged magic [Thunder Rain], which required double the magic power and increased the power by 50%, rained down on the entire village, and screaming Orcs could be heard in the distance.


The advanced spell book only went as far as the 5th class, but after researching the text, this spell was unlocked.


The base Attack Power was 70.
From a total of 260 with skills and wand boosts, I increased the damage to 390 by spending twice the magic power.
Regular Orcs had a magic resistance of rank E, so the damage that could penetrate them was 243.


An average Orc’s health was around 250, so they would be on the verge of death and unable to move even if they survived.




A few Orcs rose from the rubble with a roar.


They were big.
Could those be Orc generals or… maybe an Orc King?

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