Village of the Daemon Tribe [Part 1]


Daemons – were portrayed as enemies of humanity in the VRMMOs and Otome Game.


Animals and plants become Daemons when they accumulate enough magical elements.
Yet, strong-willed humans and other living creatures do not usually turn into Daemons even if exposed to magical elements.


Magically transformed creatures absorb magical elements present in the area.
Magic Elements are used as both nutrients and poisons for the living creatures.
Any creature exposed to a large amount of magical elements would transform or die.


Daemons look like humans, with dark skin and slightly pointed ears.
Their basic abilities were higher than those of humans, and they had a lifespan of about 150 years.


The Daemons in VRMMOs were usually strong enemies, appearing as boss characters.


They were boosted in the game recklessly because they were supposed to take on a party of high-level players.


They were around Level 150, after all.
Although level does not equal strength, raising multiple combat skills increases HP and MP.
As for the Daemon Tribe boss characters, they had about 1,000 HP and MP.


Furthermore, Daemon armor was typically Rank A Extremely Strong Cheat Items with 400 defense, 70% physical resistance, and 100 physical cut, requiring nearly 500 attack power to do any damage. 


That alone was already broken by game standards.
And adding that to a Level 150 with only combat skills would be too much of a cheat.


Because I only knew the Daemon Tribe from the game, I thought that the Daemon Tribe running away from the Daemon Wolves, who were only around level 10, was some kind of trap.


Some strong people could go toe to toe with the Demon wolves, but were ordinary Daemon tribe members weak?

It was only natural, given that even humans had to begin at level 1.


It couldn’t be helped.
They may not be good people, but I would support them.






This was a 4th class combined wind, and water magic [Lightning] spell.


As expected, I didn’t feel comfortable with a ranged attack that would involve various creatures, so I used a [Lightning] spell that damages all creatures in a straight line.


I was able to kill four of them, since a Daemon wolf with magic resistance rank G could be easily defeated with a single strike.


By the way, magic resistance rank G equals that of the human species, which included humans and elves, so you can see how important it was to have the right equipment.


When I wear Witch Dress, my defense would be rank C for physical resistance and rank D+α for magic resistance.


“Wha, what the, was that you?”


“Yes, anyway, later.”


Dismissing the warrior-like Daemon tribe, I rushed into the pack of Daemon wolves with my zanbatou in my hands.


A level 10 Daemon wolf would not be a challenging enemy.
After about five minutes of quickly cutting off their heads, the remaining Daemon wolves ran away.


The Daemon warriors guarded against me with their crude spears, as if they were wary of me.


“You, you are not a human race…are you? Are you a half-elf? What do you want in this village? Are you part of the recently discovered human tribe?”


Maybe they were on bad terms with the humans after all?


“I live in the land of humanity, but I’m just an adventurer.”


“Damn, an outlaw adventurer.
I wonder how you knew about this place, but don’t think you’ll make it back alive.”


The Daemon warriors surround me in the distance.
They were supposed to be watching me as I quickly defeated the level 10 Daemon wolves, but what could they be hiding?


Well, if they were hostile, I would show no mercy.
As I was raising my magic to see if I could get a head start with a wide-area [Acid Cloud]–


“Stop it! What are you doing to the person who helped us!”


The small old man who came walking from the village shouted.
He appeared to be the master or something, and I sensed a certain amount of magical power from him.


“But, but, Elder…”


“You guys back off right now.
Don’t you know what you’re dealing with? –So, my guest.
Would you like to have tea with me and a chat?”




As the Master Elder led me into the village, I saw women and small children watching me from the shadows.


I was led to a large tent-like structure, similar to those used by nomads in the middle of nowhere.


Inside, there were furs on the floor, and the walls were decorated with things like masks to ward off evil spirits, but it looked too simple to be an elder’s house.


When I entered and sat down on the furs on the floor, a woman of the Daemon tribe served me something that looked like yellow herbal tea with a hint of mystery.


Now, in this tent, there was only me, the elder, and a few of the warriors I had met earlier.


“Now, then, could you please tell us how you found this place?”


“I found it accidentally.
And I didn’t intend to talk about it.”


“…I see.”


For some reason, the elder muttered regretfully as I answered quickly.


“How can you believe such a thing! Even subhumans live in the land of humanity…”




A bullet from the break revolver I fired shattered the mask next to the face of the warrior standing by the wall.


“It missed.”


“You were going to hit me!”


“I don’t care either way, but can you please clarify whether you are hostile or not?”


I was going to hit him in the shoulder, but I missed.


The warrior’s face twitched slightly as he realized I was serious.


Please be reasonable.
If you want to antagonize me, it would be a waste of time, so you should just shut it for now.
I tried to avoid being aggressive.


“Oh, no, I’m not.
Sorry, my guest, but I will have to ask you to put up with this for now.”




I didn’t like antagonizing them either.
But when I nodded with my finger on the trigger of the break revolver, sweat ran down the elders’ faces.


“…Well, for now, please listen to us.”

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