180 cm long sword, Abel’s sword, with a blade length of 120 cm long; it looked just like a toy in comparison.
Abel’s sword does look ornamental, but as I recall, a knight’s one-handed sword was considered a spare weapon on the battlefield, so it wouldn’t be comparable to be a proper primary weapon.

Abel himself seemed to possess a certain amount of skill, or maybe his muscle power was high due to the combination of skill and magic power.


“What the heck?”

In that flash of clashing steels, my Zambatou Ridil easily destroys  Abel’s sword blade like snapping a twig.


There were screams from those around me as the broken blade was flung away, and Abel, who had fallen on his buttocks, looked up at me as if he could not believe what he was seeing.

“Ki, you…”

“If you want good weapons, I’m wholesaling them to the Commerce Guild.
Why don’t you buy those?”

Anyway, I ignored Abel and went to where the sword blade had stuck, and there I found the blade stuck in the floor and Alice, who had fallen and was bleeding from her knees.

I see sparkling things again, so did the spirits protect her?



It was not a wound that would require recovery magic, but I am not a demon either.
I took a silk handkerchief out of my bag and offered it to her, and Alice accepted it, despite her questioning look.

Although there was blood, however, the wound had already disappeared just as Alice wiped it with her hand.
Perhaps the spirits had already healed it.
As expected of a super cheat level character.

She looked around, a bit flustered about what to do with the handkerchief she had received for wiping the wound.
Suddenly, she used the silk handkerchief to polish her dirty shoes and offered me the muddy handkerchief with a big smile—A smile filled with pride of accomplishing something.

“Thank you, onee-san!”

“[Fire Arrow]”

I set the handkerchief in her hand aflame for now.

For some reason, I’m getting more stares from people around me again.

On the other side, Abel and Alice were–

[I’m not sure what the difference is between the two.
What the hell was that weapon?]

[I’m not going to let that bother me.
I’ll sell another five bags of lost pretzels to make up for the ones I lost.]

— I heard such a conversation, but Alice was tough.

In the midst of all this.

“Oh, I knew she was the witch from back then.
What are you doing?”

When I turned around at the sound of such a voice I heard, I saw a Cat-Beast Woman dressed like a bandit I had seen somewhere before.

Who was she again?

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