I think the only half-elves who dress like this would be adventurers with leanings, but when a young, slender woman is alone, she would be highly likely to be involved in some form of shenanigans.

“Hey, listen,”



“Oh, I’m sorry.”

He almost grabbed my shoulder, so I ended up grabbing his arm and twisting it, which made an excellent sound.

Even without physical strengthening, my muscle strength exceeded 200 points….
I still couldn’t control my strength when I moved reflexively.
Or rather, I am too different from the 5-year-old Carol and cannot adjust my strength at all.

Then two red-faced guys who looked like his friends came running up to me.

“What the hell are you doing, b*tch?”

“Oh, you son of a b*tch, if you don’t want me to call the guards, I’ll ask you to leave money for my medical treatment.”

I see.
A two-step approach would not leave any openings if he got hit.

“In other words, you’re saying I should only make you keep your mouth shut here?”


I tilted my head and held up my magic gun, and the men dragged the fallen man, his red face turning blue, as if they knew it was a weapon even if they didn’t know what it truly was.

Although it was quite a bit out of order, this ended up happening in the end without me doing anything, so it saved me the trouble of dealing with them if I threatened them.
They were lucky I didn’t shoot them in the knees the moment I got involved.

As I started to walk away as if nothing had happened, the thug-like people turned away from me to make way.
… Is this how the [Witch] attained notoriety, wasn’t it?

As I walked down the back alley, I suddenly saw a building like a warehouse, so I immediately recognized that it was the Adventurers’ Guild.

However, the building looked a little different from the guilds in the frontier territories.
How should I put it …[smell]? I am not trying to say that it smells terrible, but it simply doesn’t have the smell of older adults who haven’t taken a bath.

Once inside, I understood why.

More than half of the adventurers there… No, 70% of them were all dressed up in fancy clothes.
What’s more–

“Uncle, aren’t you tired of eating the same old preserves that don’t taste good? How about these hard-baked pretzels?”

“No, I’m afraid it’ll fall apart if I hold it…”

“Don’t worry.
An adventurer of the capital will be fine.
Two bags for a small silver coin.”

“Alice, you, it can’t be helped.”

“Wow, I love you, uncle.
Oh, knight brother, I saved five bags of honey butter pretzels for you.
They’re a little crumbly, but they’re delicious.

“Five bags? Oh, of course, I’ll buy them.”

“Thank you very much.
I love you!”


Was it déjà vu? An auditory hallucination? From the crowd of male adventurers, I heard voices and names I had heard somewhere before.

This is not a good situation.
Let’s go home quickly.
The moment I turned on my heel.

“Oh, the elf lady was mean to me the other day.”

I got entangled.

“Alice-chan, did this half-elf do something to you?”

“Yes, uncle.
I’m just trying to be nice … I brought her freshly baked pretzels and was surprised when she burned them.”


She was still out of my sight, but she seemed to have spotted me through the small gap between the adults and got involved.

“Ah, you, you’re that half-elf woman who’s been doing stuff lately!”


A young boy knight who came out with Alice from the crowd saw me and raised his voice.

Why would Abel, a ducal knight, be in the Adventurers’ Guild? I wondered how he knew about the pretzels sold in front of the Mages’ Guild, but I guess he bought them from Alice here as well.

I only stepped into the Adventurers’ Guild, and I landed myself in a tricky situation within a few seconds.

Abel was staring at me as if he was about to draw his sword.
But he can’t seem to pull out his sword because he held five pretzels bags.


“What’s so funny?!”

Thanks for reading.

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