Adventurers’ Guild of the Royal Capital [Part 1]


Five years have passed since I was reborn into this world.
It had been two years since I recovered from the memory haze, and now it was time to try to unwind my memory about the [Capture Targets].


Although, I don’t remember much, to begin with.
From the beginning, as far as my memory was concerned, I only [retained as much of my original ego as possible], so I couldn’t even recall the names of my family members from my previous life.


Regardless of such unimportant things, what matters now is the information about the capture targets.


I have captured five… Or was it six targets when I played the game? I only completed each only once, but I did it efficiently, and as a result, it turned out to be a brilliant reverse Harem End achievement.


I only remembered… first, the crown prince of this Caenista kingdom.


Then probably my big brother, Dirk.


And then the son of the Knight Commander… was it Abel or another sibling?


And the man with glasses who looked intellectual, who was the son of the Prime Minister.


And the frail son of a Court Mage.


Oh, and there was also a shorty who was the grandson of an archbishop.


The description was a bit vague because I didn’t remember their names, and I didn’t recognize Abel either, and it’s been ten years since I last met him, so I might not recognize him even if I met him now.


There must be other hidden characters.
I only completed the game once, so I had never properly remembered their physical outlines.


Well, living an everyday life as a shut-in, I wouldn’t have met them until I was ten years old and entering the magic academy, but I had already met a few of them….


I was forced to observe the Knights’ training, but I wonder if it would be okay.
If I told them that I didn’t feel so good, wouldn’t I be able to escape?


…For now, let’s think about the disturbing things later and visit the Adventurers’ Guild for a change of pace.


After eating dinner and taking a bath, I said I was tired already today and got into bed earlier than usual, and it felt so good that I almost fell asleep as usual, but I set out for the night town.


“Setup [Witch Dress]”


After all, this would typically be the easiest gear to move around in.


There were three complete sets of charged equipment, including this Witch Dress.
Still, the Arjuna Cloche and the other one, which were designed for exclusive purposes, were made to have very high performance but bad on other points overall, so the Witch Dress, which was designed for general use and capable of magic-based weapon combat, was recommended for everyday use.
However, it was inferior to the other two when it came to min-maxing for specific situations and operations.


It was still nighttime.
The streets of the Royal Capital were still brightly lit.


In the Royal Capital, magic stones are used in abundance, so all the stores were illuminated by the twinkling lights of the grimoire lights.


Yet, I ignored this until now.
In the frontier area, people obtained magic stones by hunting demons in the Demon Forest, but where do adventurers in the Royal Capital obtain magic stones?


In the VRMMO game, players and NPCs attacked ruins and settlements of orcs, ogres, and other subhuman beasts, but I wondered if the same situation is happening in this reality? Even if they were constantly hunting, they wouldn’t respawn once they were wiped out, would they?


There was information on the guild’s bulletin board in the game, but the Adventurers’ Guild in this world was just an over-glorified buy-and-sell shop, so you had to buy information from other adventurers or the Commerce Guild.


People still stare at me in town.
Was it because I am a subhuman? I went into the backstreets to escape such stares as the Commerce Guild came into view.
In every city in the country, the Adventurers’ Guild was conveniently located behind the Commerce Guild, so it was always easy to find it.


Once I entered the back alley, it became dark.
There were streetlights on the front street, and in the evening, students of the Academy of Magic were often seen pouring their magic into the streetlights as a part-time job, but there were no such things in the back alleys.


There would be no honest stores or eateries but relatively deserted cheap bars and suspicious stores with hardly any light leaking out.


Since it was such a place–


“Hey, hey, you fancy-looking girl there, can I borrow some money for drinks?”




Well, these kinds of cliche situations often happen, doesn’t it? In a sense, this was also a common sight.
It would be a tradition at this point.

Thanks for reading.
Story is going to enter a new “arc” from hereon so stay tuned.

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