The Real Villainess [Part 1]


Let’s look back at another villainess, [Silver Rose] aka Flare Mercury Prata.


She was the daughter of the Duchess of Prata, whose mother was a princess and sister of the king and was also royalty.


In the Otome Game, she was the same age as the heroine and Carol and entered the school at age 10, but this person was a complete monster, different from the heroine.


She was portrayed in-game as a gorgeous woman with silver hair that swirled like flames and blue eyes that shone like jewels, oozing the strength of her will.


At the age of 16, she had already developed a well-endowed body.
Unlike the heroine and Carol whose bodies looked like the Great Plains, her feminine features were evidently clear from the time she entered the school.
Thus, she could seduce many upper-level students to become her underlings and servants.


According to the original setting, several pieces of ornaments in the kingdom were inhabited by spirits, and the royal family had the spirits’ protection.


… I wonder what it would be like to have a spirit betray an oath.


The villainess’ character was uncompromising.
She also does not flatter, nor does she show any concern for anyone.
I’m impressed with her character since she behaved more like an empress, than the actual Empress or any of the royal family.


The heroine and I were not only water and oil, but we were [natural enemies].


I didn’t mind it, though.


As long as the conflict was on the other side of the screen.

(Editor: meaning as long as the conflict doesn’t affect our MC)


That’s why I decided to stay hidden.
Today, it might be Flare’s older brother, the eldest son, who would come to visit us.
Even if I was an ‘abomination’, he might take an interest in me, knowing that I was a daughter close to the age of his younger sister.


I really would like to leave this mansion, but Dirk ordered Meiya and the others to keep an eye on me.
Even Maia won’t leave my side during nap time.


“Miss Carol, it seems that Master Dirk returned with the Prata family’s young master just a few minutes ago.
He has the blood of a royal princess running in him, so he’s technically a prince.
It’s wonderful, isn’t it?”




If Flare succeeded in the Royal Human Bootlicking Route, he would become a prince.


Maia seemed curious, but I wouldn’t sneak off to see them and raise unnecessary death flags.


I would live a sober and solid life until I grow up and have a little dream of finally shooting some 10th-grade annihilation magic at the Royal Castle and then fleeing to somewhere I wouldn’t be tracked.




“Ca, Carol Ojou-sama!”


Meiya, who was usually concerned about etiquette, opened the door briskly and entered the remote mansion.


“Oh, what a shabby Bunny hutch! Where is the long-eared Bunny-chan?”




Why are you here?


My cheeks, which had remained expressionless, twitched slightly at the sound of the voice I heard.


What? Wasn’t the one who came today the heir of the Duke of Prata? Why did the worst kind of monster also come here?


“Is Bunny-chan here?”


A girl of about five years old with luxurious silver hair appeared.
She was dressed in extravagant clothes and had a well-toned face.
Maia was as stiff as a puppy dog staring at Medusa.


The visitor was none other than the other villainess of this world – Flare.


“Oh my goodness, what a cute little black Bunny-chan, I’m so glad I forced big brother to come along.”


Upon finding me, Flare smiled adorably with narrowed eyes and pinched the hem of her skirt for me, showing off her stunning curtsy.


“Nice to meet you, Bunny-chan.
My name is Flare Mercury Prata.
I hope you would like to become friends with me.”


“…My name is Carol.”

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