In the game, if one died, one could resurrect at the place marked with this “mark”.
But in the real world, which was not a game, I do not think that self resurrection would be possible.


Among the high-level spells that could be unlocked was the Class 6 Light Magic [Resurrection] – a spell to resurrect the dead.
Such a spell does exist, but…in this world, it may not be possible to fully resurrect the dead.


The resurrection spell probably only works when the person is dying or in a state of suspended animation.
I tried it on a defeated monster, and it could be revived up to 10 minutes after death, but definitely not after 30 minutes have passed after death…


I could compare it to how electric shock was being used in medical practices to make the heart move again even after it stopped.


So a full revival was impossible, but if that was the case, so why did I put a mark here?


Teleporting freely was not possible, however, the user could teleport to their own marked points.
At my current Level, I could mark five locations, but I only marked three locations.
I placed one of them in my room in the royal capital, one inside a hidden room in a mansion in the frontier region, and one in the shade of the walls of the royal capital.


If I put more than three marks, I can get lost when I teleport jump on the spur of the moment.
It would be dangerous.




[Warp] was a Dark Magic category Class 6 magic spell.
To learn it, a user must attain the prerequisites of achieving 5th Class Light and Darkness magic mastery.
In this world, Light and Darkness magic mastery can be reasonably attained and their magic spells unlocked.
Currently I’m able to unlock the 8th Class Light Magic spells as one of my many repertoire in magic. 


My body was enveloped in darkness, and when I selected a marked point that floated in my mind, the view in front of me instantly changed.


Casting teleportation spell still consumed a certain amount of magic power, after all.
If I use it to escape as a last resort, I would often run out of MP, which happened a lot in my video game days, so I should be careful.


“Now then.”


Which way should I go? If I wanted to buy an advanced spell book, I should go to either the Commerce Guild or the Mage Guild.


It would be hard to buy magic grimoires at Commerce Guild because they would cost one large gold coin per book even though they were separated by attribute, but I heard that Mage Guild would not sell them to me unless I showed my ID, so I would have to go to the adventurer’s guild to obtain my adventurer ID.
My name as Witch alone wouldn’t work, right?


But if I obtain magic grimoires from the Mage Guild, there could be a lot of written materials that were being researched and their meanings that were not yet understood.


“I guess I should try going to the Mage Guild at least.”


They might be able to show me if they thought that I was competent.
If not, I would honestly go elsewhere.


Walking around the city in the afternoon in my bright Red Witch Dress, I’m sure I would attract attention.
Although I am more relaxed than in the frontier territory in terms of my outfit, there might be a lot of contempt stares at me for being a subhuman.


I stopped by at a food stall that caught my eye on the way.


“Uncle, I’ll have 10 of those skewers, please.”


“…Thanks for the purchase.
You’re a half-elf, but you can eat meat?”


The stall uncle mumbled as he reached for a skewer that had been grilled earlier and was now cold after being left on display.


“You have 10 skewers on the grill right now, right.”


“Huh? They taste the same.”


“Then, 10 freshly grilled meat skewers.
They taste the same, right?”




The stall uncle wrapped up the freshly grilled meat skewers while clicking his tongue at the passerby’s imploring glances.


Looking at it this way, I am led to believe that probably only 20-30% of the people held negative sentiments towards subhumans? Next time, I would buy from another store instead.


This mystery meat skewer was not for me to consume.
I am buying ninety-nine pieces of each ready-to-eat meal or food so that I could escape with Maia and the others at any time.
The exact quantities of each type of food didn’t hold any significant importance.


As I was walking along, buying more food to be stored away (in the Magic Bag), I discovered the Mage Guild that I heard about at the kinder mystery meat stand.




There was some kind of stall outside the Guild, where an old lady was selling pretzels.
However, the stall was very crowded.


I went up to her and asked her if she was so good that I should buy one too.


Then I heard, “Thank you very much, dear Uncle!”. 


A very pretty blonde girl, about five years old, was serving a man.
She served with a sparkling, mocking smile and gestures.
From a woman’s point of view, it was deceiving, but that presentation was very effective (at winning customers) and it is something I would like to emulate.


But she didn’t do it intentionally.
She looked natural, but this girl…I think I felt a sense of déjà vu. 


No, no way…she’s not the [Heroine], right?

Thanks for reading.

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