gift the other half to you and your good friends…”




Meiya suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stared at the lotion with an earnest face.


“…May I try it?”




When I nodded, Meiya opened the bottle’s lid, sniffed the scent, and slowly smeared the Face Lotion all over her arms to see the effect.


The item [Face Lotion] was something that Players don’t use in VRMMOs.
It was a product of a quest when players joined the in-game Alchemy Guild. 


The Guildmaster of the Alchemy Guild was an old lady in her fifties, and when you join the Guild, you will be tasked to make a Guild item when you raise your Guild rank to Skill 30, 50, 70, or 100.
By the way, all of them were beauty products.


When Players used the beauty products, nothing would happen to them.
However, despite it having no effect on players, it was an item made through the game’s power.
Judging from the results, face lotion seemed to be more potent than the real thing I used in my previous life. 


“Young Lady Carol, this lowly one will take full responsibility for all…  I will take care of it.”


“Sell it.
Distribute it.”


“…Yes, I understand.”


Take good care of it.
I would make another batch if we ran out of [Face Lotion].


If the Commerce Guild correctly valued it, this endeavor should earn me more at the times when I wasn’t out adventuring as [The Witch], but as a product made by the daughter of a frontier count.
As I expected, it was becoming a little dangerous to sneak out of the bedside of a sleeping 12-year-old Maia and put money on her pillow.


“I’m tired.”


“You’ve done a lot today, young lady.”


“Because I talked a lot.”


“… I see.”


The next day, Meiya notified me that after testing the waters by selling the products to the Commerce Guild, they were willing to buy them for one silver coin per bottle.
This product is indeed a cash cow for [Face Lotion] to fetch such a good price, isn’t it? Maybe there are not many good beauty products that exist in this world yet.


“Use that money to buy foodstuffs.”


“But…yes, Young Lady.”


Meiya bowed deeply, and I wondered what she had read from my blank expression.


“And as for the remaining Face Lotion, I gave one bottle to each of the seven people who were nice to me yesterday.”




The bait had been cast.
I wonder what kind of response the rest would show?


The truth was that I could have asked Dirk to procure the ingredients and also deal with the servants, but I didn’t want to ask that thing to take care of me, so I was left with no choice.


I did not want to rely on others.
It should be done with my own fist when I want to strike.

Thanks for reading.
Things are going to get exciting~

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