cradled me in his lap and tried to feed me honey toast full of honey with his own hands.
Dirk’s left hand, held stiffly, touches my leg accidentally, and I get creepy goosebumps all over.


Why do you like legs so much? Someone, please do something about this pervert.
Everything was out of control already…


I tried to scare him before by darkening his vision with the first level dark magic [Blackout], but for some reason, he resisted.


Thank God that this was only in the morning.
Because until yesterday it was also happening in the afternoon.


Dirk wanted to have dinner with me as well, but the senior servants begged him to have dinner at the main residence.


“Listen, Carol, you subhumans are a nuisance out there, and you must never leave the residence.
You can only stay by my side for as long as you want!”




…At what age could I use a magic gun on this body?


I will decide on the perfect crime plan later, but a predictable problem has surfaced now that Dirk started regularly attending the academy.


“Um, I’d like to get today’s ingredients…”


“Oh, dear, that’s all I gave you this morning for today.
Half-elves only eat grass, don’t they? There’s plenty of grass around here.


“Do you know how much the other houses mock the Arceides because of that? You, country folks, should eat grass and make do with it.”


When Meiya went to the kitchen to get some ingredients, the senior maid servants and butlers were waiting for her to jeer her or were waiting to taunt her by saying such things.


Not all people look down on subhumans, even in this mansion, but since this royal city was the center of human race supremacy, most people related to the nobility hated subhumans.


The only decent ones would be the old gardener who helps them grow greenhouses and some kitchen servants.


“[Confusion]” (whisper).




“What are you doing!?”


A senior butler in his 20s squealed like a maiden when he was suddenly pushed down by a 30-something senior lady-in-waiting.
Me, Maia, and Meiya, who were in front of them, who were secretly watching from the shadows of the greenhouse, were stunned, and their mouths dropped open.


This was second-grade dark magic [Confusion].


The fifth level spell  [Frenzy], which could make a demon go wild regardless of its will, could be used, but  [Confusion]had less impact and was only as effective as moving a weak-willed animal – instinctively – to the point of making the animal go wild.


I thought it might only surprise them a little, but they were very startled.
It was an unexpectedly favorable result.


“Spirit-sama bless us…”


Wrong, Maia.


Oh, by the way, that means maid Ilaria had a baby, and she became a bride.
The other party was that frivolous knight.


I am the cupid of love.
Something must have happened to the two of them that day.
I remembered it well because the sky was blue.


Well, there was no need to worry about such unimportant matters, but as for the food, the money I have should take care of that, so I will ‘remind’ the servants of their position for a moment.


I am a [Villainess], you know?

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