The Witch walks alone in the city at night.
She rarely appeared during the daytime, and her activities were limited to the time when the children went to bed and until dawn.


The Witch received some information from Jess, but to tell the truth, she had noticed that there had been some non-adventurers loitering around the Adventurers’ Guild for the past few days.


The adventurers, in general, were rough, day laborers and those with ability were called “eccentrics” because they didn’t want to be seen as the same as them and dressed eccentrically.
If there were clean, non-smelly people in dirty armor who didn’t stand out from the crowd, they would stand out in their way.


But since she didn’t know what they were, knowing that they were people she had no problem engaging on was enough.


There were always stalkers from her previous life, so she was not panicked by the fact that they were following her now.


“Stop there, subhuman woman!”


She deliberately chose a place where few people were walking around, and in a deserted area where she did not see even a drunken man, a stranger called out to her.




At any rate, The Witch turned around and tilted her head to see a man with dirty armor and shiny hair giving her a sharp look.


“I’ve had you looked into.
In the meantime, let’s have you come over.
If you stay quiet, I won’t make it worse.”




The Witch tilts her head again at the man’s words, and a blue streak appears on the man’s forehead at his demeanor.


“Don’t subhumans understand human language? Savages.
Hey, take this person into custody.”


As the man calls out somewhere, several similarly dressed men emerge from the alley’s darkness.


“Be careful.
We heard that she is carrying a magic gun.
Don’t break it.”






The Witch, still tilting her head, remained still as the men surrounded her, moving from side to side as if they wanted to use magic guns themselves.


“Set [Ridil].”


Witch, who turned with a graceful, dance-like spin, took a swing of her huge single-edged sword and carried it on her shoulder, and all the men who tried to surround her fell down at once, spurting blood from their chests.




The only one left, the first man muttered to his fallen comrades, stunned.


As his companions sprawled around in shock from the sudden pain and blood loss, The Witch again tilted her head and called out to the man.


“What do you want to achieve with only this level of force?”




The man was a knight in the intelligence unit under the direct control of the Count of Arceides.


He had received orders directly from the Count of Arceides to secretly capture a half-elf believed to be involved in the disappearance of the wyverns that had kicked out the knights and to seize her magical tools and other items used for that purpose.


The status of subhumans was low in this country.
If they were to make a public move, they might incur the animosity of the common people, but it was not a crime in this country for a nobleman to capture a half-elf and turn him/her into an enslaved person.


Although the Count of the Frontier himself dislikes subhumans because he had an ” abominable child”, the Knight who saw the beauty of this half-elf called Witch planned to have her handed over to him as an enslaved person when the matter was over.


The man was a knight baron who had served under the Count of the Frontier for many years in this frontier and was both trustworthy and capable.
He was capable of defeating a demon wolf in the forest of demons by himself.
His men were not as good as the man, but they had hunted Goblins many times.


Such subordinates have been beaten… in a single blow. 


The frontier count thought that this half-elf had used a unique magical tool to drive off the wyvern.
If the adventurers had defeated the wyvern, the wyvern’s materials would indeed have been brought to the city through the Commerce Guild, there was no way that this would not have reached the ears of the Count of the Frontier.


But what if an adventurer had defeated the wyvern and the material had been hidden away?




Such thoughts came to the man when he saw the half-elf in front of him and his ability.


A knight commander of the Royal Capital, a renowned “Master Swordsman,” might be able to defeat a monster like a wyvern single-handedly, but if such a young girl could do it, she really was the same as a “Wicked Witch” mentioned in a fairy tale.




At that moment, the man turned his back on the “Witch” and ran away.


He had a position and a home to protect, and he could not die fighting this Witch.
First, he had to report to the frontier count.
It was an important mission, and he was not running away.


“Where are you going?”




The Witch’s fist slams into the man’s stomach, and he crumples to the ground with a look of agony on his face.


The following day, the city’s residents awoke at the morning bell and went to work, only to be surprised to find frightened men tied to the plaza walls.


The men were terrified, and according to the Magicians Guild, which was asked to assist in the investigation, they had been put into a state of sustained third-degree of [Fear] of “Dark Magic” and was probably applied by the use of a large amount of magical power, and even if the men came to their senses, they would require several months of treatment.


Incidentally, after that, men were regularly found in the same state, and when the number of men exceeded 30, the frontier county gave up sending knights, feeling that the situation was not good enough for the outside world.
The residents rumored that it was a “Witch’s Curse”.


“Miss Carol, you are in a good mood today.”




Maia, the apprentice maid, beamed at Carol, who looked refreshed, as if she had just released stress, but


“Miss, Master Dirk is here…”




At Maya’s troubled look, Carol and Maia frown with the same expression.


“Carol, you look funny in the morning! This is why subhumans are no good.
I brought you some snacks, I’ll hold you and feed you, so fix your mood.”




Three-year-old Carol’s face contorted in stress as she clenched her tiny fists against her brother, who seemed to be in an unusually good mood.

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