Side Story: A Witch’s Wonderful Day [Part 1]


“Lady Witch, are you feeling kind of tired?”


“…I’m being followed.”


Jess, a member of the Arceides Frontier Territory Commercial Guild, Custom Order Department, raised one eyebrow at the half-elf’s words with whom he had formed a partnership a few months earlier.


The half-elf called herself “Witch,” and the blades she made with her magic alchemy, which she delivered regularly, were as beautiful as the surface of a calm lake, and were highly praised by buyers.


When Jess found out that someone was trailing Carol, he understood that Carol was more than upset.


She was an adventurer with an eccentric mood who would dish retribution on anyone who got in her way.
Despite her radical personality, she wore a high-quality dress that was so tight-fitting that it showed the lines of her body, and the hem of her skirt was surprisingly short.
Moreover, since a pretty half-elf girl was wearing it, she attracted the eyes of men.


Even Jess, a dwarf, would probably consider her very high class in appearance.


She had no expression on her face and spoke only when talked to, but her upbringing was good.
Her behavior was so polite that it was hard to believe that she was an adventurer.
Jess nodded sincerely and wondered if that stoicness was giving the wrong signals to the young men trying to get along with her.


“Well… But why don’t you just chase them away like you always do?”


“There are some people against whom force of arms won’t work.”


“…I see.”


Jess imagined “nobility” for a moment when he heard that but then reconsidered that it might be someone related to her.


Even the most influential members of the commercial guilds, who typically use their power and military might to deal with most matters, could hardly stand up to a nobleman of the rank of knighthood.


If they let their emotions get the better of them, their very lives would be threatened, so they have to proceed with caution.


“…Oh, right, Witch, the magic books have arrived again.”




When Jess changed the subject to dispel the heaviness in the air, the Witch was more than happy to hear it.
Her emotions and tone of voice remain flat, but her reaction gestures grow cute and loud, which even Jess could recognize.


What the Witch had ordered was an intermediate-level grimoire.
It contained spells for the second and third ranks.
Still, it was not a product always available in this frontier territory.
Even ordinary magicians only learned up to the first rank due to the scarce amount of resources of magic and grimoires they had access to.


“Uncle, is it hard to learn the higher ranks of spells?”


“The higher ranks are divided by lineage, and they come at a high price.
What do you want?”




“…Hey, you can’t use anything but your own attributes, you know? You call yourself a [Witch], so maybe you collect them as a hobby…”


“I don’t care if it’s strange.
I want whatever you have.”




There were such things as memorandums left by mages in the past with obscure spells, but only those mages who understand and study the meaning of the spells would seek them out.


“Then ask the [Magicians Guild], maybe the commercial guilds in Royal Capital can gather them, but it will be more expensive.
Is there a reason why we can’t rely on the Magicians Guild?”


“Hmm, that’s a maiden’s Secret.”




Little was known about this girl, who called herself Witch, even in the information network of the commercial guilds.


The only thing that was known about her was that she was from the Isbell continent across the sea and that she carelessly utilized equipment and technology that seemed state-of-the-art. 


Jess, in particular, was curious as to where they were getting a large amount of luggage out of, but she would not tell him, always using “It’s a maiden’s secret” as an excuse.


It was said that there existed a magical tool called “Big Bag”, which could hold several carriages’ worth of luggage and a treasure of the royal family, but she didn’t even sport a purse.


Perhaps she was also wary of such secrets leaking out since she would have to reveal her true identity if she asked the Magicians Guild.


“I’ll ask, but if possible, ask the Commercial Guild of Royal Capital directly.
I’ll at least write you a letter of introduction.”


Thank you, Uncle.”


“Don’t mind it…”


Being in a commercial guild, it was rare to be thanked so openly, which made Jess feel itchy.


“So, how would you like to pay for the magic book? It’ll be one large gold coin.”


“Was that thing sold?”


“That thing….
Are you sure you want to sell that to another country? It could be worth more than ten large gold coins at auction in this country.
It’s a wyvern magic stone, after all, you know?”


“I don’t want to attract any more attention than usual.
Please deduct the cost of the book from that.”


“… all right.”


The country’s nobility pretended that the attack against the wyvern had never happened because of the blunder of the nobles.
The girl who brought the magic stone did not want to be identified and was willing to sell it to another country even if she had to pay a commission.


As a merchant, it would be an ironclad rule to keep customer information strictly confidential, but how much he could make a profit by reporting this girl to the government…




Jess, who had been mulled about such a thing, lost his color when he noticed that the girl in front of him was holding a “magic gun” before he realized it.


Appearances could be deceiving.
She may look like this, but she was a skilled adventurer capable of defeating a wyvern single-handedly.


“…I’ll give you some information.
The Count of the Frontier has heard rumors of you and is searching for you.
He is interested in the tool that managed to defeat the wyvern.”


“Thank you, Uncle.”

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