Siblings…Bonds? [Part 1]

One of the three exclusive equipment I created for VRMMORPG was the Ranged Attack-oriented, or rather, the “Extreme” Archer Equipment, which could only attack from a distance.

I had forgotten entirely that I could use it…

Headpiece  [Increase Ranged Hit Rate 40%] Increases the hit rate of bows, guns, and projectiles.

Body Armor [Increase Ranged Attack 20%] Increases the attack power of bows, guns, and projectiles.

Waistband  [Ranged Skill Damage 5%] Bonuses from Ranged Skills are increased by 5%.

Hand gear  [Increase Arrow Speed 40%] Increases the speed of arrows and prevents the enemy from evading.

Leg Armor [Combat Skill Hit Rate Up 40%] Increases the accuracy of Combat Skills.

Bow  [Combat Skill Damage Increase 20%] Increases the power of Combat Skills.

It indeed was extreme.
The Physical defense was also lower than Witch Armor, so it was a liability in large scale higher level PVP battles.
However, if I were allowed to activate [Combat Skill], even high-level players would usually be killed in one-hit it, so my friends called this set [paper-armored fixed turret] or something like that.
Long live firepower.

(editor’s note: basically a total glass-cannon build; super high dmg output, super low / next to zero defense)

The figure I changed into wore dark green with a slender cowboy hat and a fluttering cloak.
It also comes with a short-sleeved, very mini skirt, body-hugging tight leather armor, and white-colored knee-length boots.

Not forgetting black shorts.

This was also a product of my geeky days.
I decided to go with a design that showed off my bare arms and thighs, as short sleeves and shorts are the norms for an elf hunter.

And for some reason, a hidden effect was added to the set of equipment, +5% increase to hit rate against the opposite sex.
It physically aims and shoots at the heart of the opposite sex.

As I suddenly changed into this outfit, I heard a gasp from Brother Dirk behind me.

But I couldn’t be bothered with the wyvern looming, so I took out my silver arrows and readied my silver magic bow [Gandivam], Arjuna Cloche’s exclusive weapon.

The bow was also enormous and had zero hit assist compensation, so I couldn’t use it outside of Arjuna Cloche.

But this time, it’s time to go all out.

“Set [Doubling] “

A glowing “magic circle” about 60 centimeters long floats in front of my eyes at my “Command”.

It was a type of [Combat Skill Ability] that you can acquire with a level 70 Combat Skill, which doubles the power of the following [Combat Skill] you execute.

However, it consumes triple the magic power, and the Combat Skill activation time and recast time will also be doubled.
The hit rate would also be slightly reduced, so it would hardly be helpful against any opponent’s close combat [Combat Skill].
I really would not be confident in handling it with anything other than this equipment.


I draw my magic bow Gandivam, aiming at the approaching wyvern.

In the perceived time that flows slowly with physical reinforcement, I could hear Dirk’s screams from behind me as I slowly progress with the magic charge.

――Watch closely.

When the approaching wyvern was ready to bare its huge fangs, I unleashed my [Combat Skill].

“―― [Empyreal] ――”


Flash, a silver arrow shot through the wyvern’s brow, and a meter-diameter light from [Empyreal] shattered the head and the torso behind it, burning everything up and leaving behind not even a trace of the wyvern’s carcass nor signs of its demise.


It was a mistake.
It was a complete overkill.

Who said that the dragon species in this world might be stronger than in the game? They were just normal strength, were they not?

[Empyreal] was a single fivefold blow with the magical attribute [Combat Skill] learned at Ranged Skill 85 and Offensive Magic Skill 70.

Gandivam’s base attack power is 60 + 15 from the silver arrows, and with my level 95 status correction and skill bonuses, my attack power was 247.
With body enhancement and equipment correction, my normal attack would be around 330.

The wyvern’s defense value was 200, score rank C, so with 50% physical resistance and 50 point physical resistance, my normal attack would be 115 score.
Making a 5x attack with a +20% [Combat Skill] damage bonus would result in damage around 940 score.

T/L Note: (330x5x1.2×0.5)-50 = 940

Then, the [Doubling] for a finishing touch.
By the way, a wyvern’s HP was around 800.

It was unnecessary to use [Doubling] with its HP, but I still used it… I didn’t think it would end up pulverized.

In the game, the loot items would drop no matter the condition of the carcass.
In this case, I don’t think it would be possible.
I did expect a bit of its carcass to remain, though, since it looks like I could sell it for a lot of money.

Well, I beat it, but I didn’t think I would get a reward because no one would believe that I could defeat it with one blow anyway, and if they believed it, it would probably cause problems with the nobility.
Should I pretend this never happened? …Nn?

At that moment, I grabbed something that fell from the sky with one hand to reveal that it was a wyvern magic stone about the size of an adult’s fist, glowing white-hot from the effect of my Combat Skill.

(Editor’s note: If you’re confused, basically a ‘loot’ did drop, even if the entire carcass was burnt to crisp, so the game cheat worked for her even though she is in reality)

Was this all that remained? I put it away in my bag and looked around, and as my eyes met Dirk’s, who slumped over, I gently put my index finger to my lips.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

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