When I showed him the Ridil zanbatou, which I had secretly taken out, Jess-san blinked and shuddered, probably because Dwarves were fond of blacksmithing.


Was it because the original blade was made of data? The graceful, flowing curves looked more beautiful than any famous sword without flaws or distortion.


“…Witch, if you were to sell this to the Commerce Guild, how much would it be worth?”


“Yes, that’s right.
I’d have to calculate the cost of acquiring this and other expenses…”


After 12 high-Level players taking turns and persisting for 10 real days in a vast area with ancient dragons that would spring up at any moment, the item finally dropped after hunting dozens of them, and with the cost of my personally paid part-time job money and the cost of the materials–


“Two million large gold pieces for expenses alone.
Whether or not I could get that for immediate money is the minimum for negotiations, and I had a tough time acquiring it, and I have a lot of feelings about it, so from there, multiplied by how high… The negotiation is to see if you can pay up to that.”


“What a…”


Jess-san’s face trembled with fear.
The minimum amount would be about 2 trillion yen, you know.
How many years of this country’s national budget is that?


But, well, I am calculating with 1 credit to 1 silver coin.
It couldn’t be sold anyway, though, because it was a double rare non-transferable item.


“Well, forget about this sword covered in the stomach juices of some ancient dragon.”


“…ancient dragon.”


“This is what I wanted to show you today.”




Jess-san’s eyes narrowed at the sight of a “normal sword” taken out of the bag.


Oh, Jess-san, you can’t tell where I took it out of, even if you look hard enough, can you? This is a maiden’s secret.


This was a [ Steel Sword ] that I made before with my blacksmithing skill.
I had to get my skill up to 40 to make silver bullets, so I made a lot of them back in the day and sold them off.


I remembered that I had a few of them stashed in my Bag, as I recalled, and came to ask if I could sell them.


“…how precise.
You can tell the purity of the steel just by looking at the color.
Where did you get this?”


“I made it with magic alchemy.”


I am not lying.
Blacksmithing skill synthesis in games is, in my opinion, magic.


“What?! If you could, can you sell me the process of making this?”


“Do you think you can buy the “secrets” of the Isbell Continent with money?”


As I said this, a look of surprise and understanding came over Jess-san’s face.


“What, Isbell Continent! The Witch had a new type of magic gun because she is from Isbell!”


“…New type?”


The Magic Gun Break Revolver had six bullets, and the magic gun sold here by Isbell Continent was the old type that used magic stone powder as gunpowder.
The new type could fire only with magic power, similar to the game’s specifications I was familiar with.


Jess-san also wanted to see the Break Revolver, but I decided not to because I didn’t want any strange technology to leak out.


…After all, VRMMORPG had [Worst Demon King Invasion from Another Continent] as a new downloadable content super high-level quest.
If the other continent was here, the Demon King’s army might be strengthened if strange technology was leaked.


I hope this (event) was originally only in the game….

(Editor: She hopes that DLC event won’t happen in this world)


“So, how much can you get me for this sword?”


“…how many swords can be prepared?”


“… I currently have about ten swords.
If I can obtain good materials in this continent, I may make more.”


“Good, I want them all!”


The Commerce Guild agreed to buy them for five small gold coins each.


Steel Swords cost two to three small gold coins at the guild, so that was a reasonable price.
I am not interested in how much Jess-san will sell it for afterward.
I wouldn’t build my own sales channel or negotiate with the nobles because it would be too much trouble.


Also, Jess-san said that he could give me samples of various materials to see if I could make them from materials in this country.


Nevertheless, I got five large gold coins for this.
It would be equivalent to the annual income of an average family here.
Would this give me some leeway?


Jess-san and I signed the contract with a smile on our faces and were about to leave the Commerce Guild warehouse with a few ingots when Jess-san gave me some information.


“I would also like to tell you about the area around Demon Forest in the southeast, don’t go there for a few days.
I have not reported it to the lord yet, but I was approached by a party of eccentrics who saw a wyvern in the mountains leading from the Demon Forest and asked me to buy information from them.”




Wyvern was a so-called “sub-dragon”.
It was a smaller, armless dragon that specialized in flight.
Perhaps the Hound Dog I killed earlier was chased away by this Wyvern.


A Wyvern should not be a threat to me since it would be around Level 40, whereas a dragon would be at least Level 60.
However, I would not want to fight a flying Wyvern if I were not in a perfect condition to use all my magic because it would be too much of a hassle for me at the moment.


By the way, the information buy-in was just a report from a rough-and-tumble adventurer, so he would be paid if the Commerce Guild could confirm the information.


“As I recall, it’s a party with a guy in fancy armor named Jimmy or something.
Maybe they’re going to hunt it.”




Could it be that they were pretty strong? Indeed, a party of late Level ’30s can hunt them, so there would be no problem.


So today, I decided to suspend hunting in Demon Forest and pick up some medicinal herb-like leaves around the front of the forest.
If I am lucky, I may find some Level 20 monsters.


Although picking medicinal herbs was a meager income now, and even though I could see at night due to my character correction, I still wanted to be healed by the forest in the daytime.


I might even find some matsutake mushrooms or something.




While I was enjoying the forest bathing and wondering if I could eat the green mushrooms I had foraged, I saw something like a fireworks display in the distance, emitting red smoke.


Could that be fireworks for emergency communication? But they wouldn’t go up high if they flew up at that angle, would they? I should be careful when I use them.


…Do I have to go towards it? Those items were for children of aristocrats when they went out, weren’t they? I get the feeling that something troublesome awaited me.


But I wouldn’t feel good if I didn’t go, so I maxed out my physical enhancements and charged through the forest.


Since my agility and endurance were nearly ten times those of Level 1, I was running through the forest as fast as a sports car, and after about ten minutes, I found people who looked like knights crouching down.


“Are you all right?”


They all seem to be badly injured somehow, so I applied [Heal] for the time being.


“I’m sorry… Damn, you’re subhuman.
Heal them quickly! We got hurt fighting to help that little boy!”




I see.
I understand the situation.
If he could talk this much, he wouldn’t need to recover.




“Oh, hey, I’m still…”


“Well, good day to you.”


The bleeding seems to have stopped, so the noble knight would be able to return on his own.
Good luck with that.


As I dismissed the fussing knights and proceeded deeper into the forest, I heard what sounded faintly like a human voice in the distance and changed direction.




“Hey, what a subhuman, you startled me! You, help me.
I’m a frontier heir, you know.
I’m the legitimate son of a frontier count!


There was a young man, protected by several servants who looked like commoners, came out of the forest and gave me orders in a high-handed manner.


I knew it was trouble. 


What are you doing? Dirk Onii-sama.

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