“In a game world, please.”


He froze for a few seconds.


I’ve been playing a VRMMORPG since I was in middle school.
I am a respectable hardcore gamer.


I’m sorry for my friends, but I don’t want any chance of getting involved with that family again.
If there is a world based on games, I would like to make it my “reality”.


As I said this without hesitation, the Grandpa looked a little troubled.


[There’s no such thing as a game world, you know?]




The Grandpa said that there are worlds that are very similar to game worlds, but there are no actual game worlds.


A world that closely resembles a game means that sometimes, a person can see that other worlds like a prophetic dream, and if that person happens to be a game creator, a game with that world view may be created.


In short, it is a world that has magic and skills like those in existing games.


There are worlds of [swords and magic] like such games, but such worlds have a lot of dangers and a high mortality rate for ordinary people.


I don’t want that.
What I want to do is to have a relaxing and fun adventure, like the VRMMO I was playing.
Me, yes, I’m selfish.


[I understand.
As much as I could, I would try to make your wish come true.]


“Grandpa, you’re wonderful.”


As luck would have it, there’s a world that’s very similar to that VRMMORPG I’ve been playing.


In that game, it was like you increased your power by growing your skills, and your level increased with your skill experience, but that world is real, not a game, so they don’t have the concept of levels.


It seems that the skills you grow and your inner magic power are combined to raise your power to the biological limit.
That sounds more realistic.


He said that with reincarnation, my current consciousness will be preserved as much as possible, but if I reincarnate as it is, my survival rate will be low even if I have some memories.


So, the Grandpa said that he’ll take all the things I’ve done in the game, such as [my total play time], [my passion for the characters I’ve trained], [my love for the rare items I’ve struggled to get], and turn them into soul power, and strengthen my reincarnated body more than a normal person.


I’ll say it again.
Grandpa, you’re wonderful.


[Then I’ll send your soul to the other world.
Thank you for your service to this world.
I, too, can go without any worries.
…This time, live a long and happy life in your new life.]


“Grandpa… Yes, I’ll do my best.
I’ll definitely live long and be happy.”


I felt like crying a little, but I can’t cry without my body.
Grandpa smiled gently at me and patted me on the head like I was his grandson.


“Thank you, Grandpa.
I love you.”


[Un, un, that’s right].


And so my soul crossed over to that world, and I was reborn in a new world.


Perhaps it was because my brain capacity and stamina were low, but when I was a baby, I slept a lot and my memory was muddled, but at the age of three, my consciousness finally cleared up and I began to understand what was going on around me.


My name is Carol Nym Arceides, and in this world of swords and sorcery…




I feel like I’ve heard that before.






I remembered what it was.
This was the name of a character in Otome Game, a game I played for a while in junior high school.
But let me just say one thing.


God, Grandpa, this is not the game I wanted to be, I didn’t want to be a “villainess” with a lot of death flags, you know?


Translator’s Thoughts:

Hi, everyone.
I have already read the whole story.
It was honestly a good read.
I hope that you liked the starting.

Unlike most villainess novels, our MC is going to be a ruthless person who kills whoever threatens her life.
The premise is quite interesting as you will find it in upcoming chapters and it is written by a well known author, Haru no Hi.

Hope that you like and have a nice day.

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