Ability Verification [Part 2]

The commoner servants helped with the cleaning and moving.
I also helped a little, too.
I secretly carried the fluffy bed with the canopy.

You may think, how could such a helpless three-year-old do it? But to my surprise, it all fits inside my magical bag.

The butler Rolf’s dagger had his family crest etched onto it, so I thought I’d bring it home with me as a trophy.

Meiya and the others were curious about the bed that had been put there before they even realized it, but since I was acting normal, it turned into a mystery to them.

The mansion was in a bad state.
The carpet had faded and there were stains on the walls.
Hello, is anyone buried here?

But there were some good things.
The best thing was that Ilaria, the mean maid, was no longer in my charge.
More importantly, not only Meiya and the others but also the cook, Meiya’s husband, and Maia’s father also came to take care of me.

In a sense, I’ve been moved to the rear of the lines.

Also, there was a small room behind the empty bookshelves on the second floor where the previous owner had hidden many books.

I averted my eyes from the fact that half of the books were adult-themed steamy books, some were damaged books, and so on.
However, there were still more than a dozen readable books, so I asked Meiya to read them to me while she taught me how to read.

It’s been three years since I was born, and I’ve learned some vocabulary on my own, but not the individual letters and alphabets yet.

There was also a grimoire that looked like a beginner’s book, but let’s wait until I have learned to read that one on my own.

The reason I couldn’t use magic was that the language of spells was different from the language I originally used to cast mine.

The chanting in that unintelligible language that the butler was using was a language used by spirits to command nature but degraded so that it could be pronounced by humans.

When I heard the butler chanting [Fire Arrow], the same magic spell I remembered from the game came up rewritten in [the language I know].

(Editor: Look at the editor note.)

Maybe it’s because my player character was assimilated into my physical being in this world, so what I think happened was when I hear anyone chanting a spell, to be it gets “translated” into a language I know.
Just like the spells in the VRMMO game.  

Then again, perhaps I won’t be able to use the other spells without hearing the chanting at least once.
I wish I could just read the book and learn the contents and be done with it.

Also, when I was equipping the set gear, my physical body got bigger to match it.
In the VRMMO game, any equippable gear automatically adjusts itself according to the body shape of the players to an extent.
Over here, I think there is a ‘bug’, and what happened instead is the avatar in the VRMMO game that I created surfaced instead to suit the gear set that I (as Carol) wanted to wear.

(Editor: Look at the editor note.)

At the time, I got carried away and drained my magic power, but I think the real reason I’m back to normal was that I lost my base strength.

With the basic physical strength of a three-year-old, I probably couldn’t maintain the body of an avatar for long.

But then again, what’s the old saying about using magic as a child and then becoming an adult, was it “witchcraft”?

To be honest, the encounter with Rolf was quite a dangerous situation.

At that time, I had the physical abilities of my player character, but my HP and MP remained as low as Carol, a three-year-old, and I was on the verge of death.

If I were to continue to rely on that power in the future, I would have to consider extending my transformation time.

In both MMORPGs and other Otome games, the avatar didn’t need to have a “normal life”, so I didn’t pay attention to it, but now that I’m living a normal life, I’ve learned a lot.

The place I live is smaller, and the bathroom is closer, so I’ve graduated from using a potty.

Toilets in this world are half-flush.
The reason why they are half-flush is that after using the toilet, you can flush it by yourself using “life magic”.

There is a small room in the basement where a breed of slime is kept and reared, and it is said to be capable of taking care of various things.

The slime had dried up since no one had used it for a while, but it was revived after being given water.
Now it’s doing well.

(Editor’s note: It is paying homage to various slime-related works.
Look at the note below for more information.)

The fire and lights in the kitchen were powered by [magic tools] made from [magic stones].
I could have done something similar with life magic, but it would have been tiring to continuously use magic all the time.

It seems that even the refrigerator and air conditioning could be managed using magic tools.
It was very convenient.

In the game, the “magic stones” that come out when you defeat a demon were exchanged for money in the city, but I didn’t know they were used for such things.
They look like batteries to me.

I also learned some life magic for the bathroom.
This was quite interesting because it was something I hadn’t seen in the game.

I also learned that life magic is not an “attribute magic” like I was using, but non-attribute magic.

I was surprised to learn that the only non-attribute magic in this game was [Fighting Spirit] and body enhancement.

Meiya and her friends knew of four life magic techniques.

[Ignition] to light a fire while the magic is flowing.

[Flowing Water], which allows you to use water like a tap while flowing magic.

A candle-sized light is lit for about 15 minutes [Light].

While the magic power is flowing, only the area you touched will be cleaned [Clean].

Looks useful for outdoor use.
It might look like fire or water or some other attribute, but if it’s this level of magic power, does that mean it doesn’t need attributes?

Now that I had a good nap and it was midnight, let’s move on to the verification of the ability.

Editor’s Notes:

[1] MC uses Japanese to cast spells.
The language that’s used in that world is that world’s language.
The spelling however uses a different language but has been “crudely” translated/broken down to make pronunciations simpler and easier.
Has zero relationship to Japanese.
Very convenient for our dear MC.

[2] To understand why Carol starts referring to herself in 3rd person perspective, it is important to note that there’s this “Isekai 3rd person POV syndrome” where many isekai-ed characters behave as they’re a spectator to their own life or people around them, despite living so many years INSIDE it, some even dying in it.
This is only specifically mentioned in certain mangas, but most authors don’t touch on this subject in their works (be it visual or written form).
So I’m not too sure if this author specifically wants to do it now in this work.
Again, many things are very subtle (like a lot of Japanese works) and don’t mention these out in the front.

[3] It pays homage to the various slime-related works.
Yes, it’s a thing.
Slimes are no longer just “the level 1 mob”.
In a lot of works now slimes have evolved into super creatures.

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