er of Daemons nor the power of High Elves well.

However, the act of [fusion] was not something that the creatures of the material world could bear, as they would be in constant pain and their lives would be torn apart.

The biggest reason for this was that Kam’s predestined soul could not [fuse] with the magical tools of semi-spiritual substance, even if he was a High Elf-like existence with eternal life.

Even so, Kam sought its power to save the subhuman species threatened by the humans, at the cost of his own life.

The magical tool had a “Sentience”.
It was like a simple AI attached as an arithmetic function to fuse powers and souls, and it had no will or emotion, merely experimenting with the fusion process.
The Artificial Intelligence, which repeated the “fusion” process 7,474,600,295 times until Kam passed away, and finally came up with an answer at the last moment.

(I’m so sorry…)

It couldn’t fuse with Kam, so it couldn’t fully harness Kam’s power.
It was unable to stop Kam from suffering, nor was it able to stop Kam from becoming the person it was created for.

That tool, that was created for Kam, could not save Kam.

Kam died not because he was defeated by pain or because he lost the battle.
It was because the tool was unable to draw on his strength.
To restore Kam’s honor, the AI wanted to show that if it could fuse with something or someone perfectly, it would not be defeated by anyone.

The AI waited.
Soon a new master would emerge that it could fuse perfectly with.

And so, I was chosen.
A being with a perfectly controlled semi-spiritual body within.
A being with infinite growth beyond the framework of a 3D organism.

But that perfect body was sealed inside a life form that was related to Kam, and could not be perfected as it was.

I could pull out this body with full control – my Player Character – from inside and fought to live, but it was an empty body that was Carol but also not Carol.

(Fusion? yes/no)

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