0th Class Light Magic–[Sanctuary].


The Daemons who received the power of that light rose to their feet with a yell, and the Caenista militia dropped their weapons and looked up at me with stunned faces.


In the VRMMO, HP/MP automatic recovery of enemies with dark attributes would be Disabled.
Magic Nullification effect on allies and an HP/MP auto-recovery increase effect, but now it applied to all enemies, making it much more prevalent.


Well, it can’t be helped, can it? As my Grandma would say–




The beast-shaped golem that I chased off earlier – Earth Spirit – reappeared on the front lines and started preparing to attack, vibrating the atmosphere to take out Daemon’s army and me.


(Arch Elemental: Alignment Earth.
Status: Bad.


Is that a Great Spirit of Earth? Even so, it was really severely weakened.
It only had the power comparable to that of several advanced Spirits.


Is this the Spirit bound by the magical tool that Grandmother mentioned…?  




Dozens of huge rocks appeared at the Spirit’s cry, and a dozen or so were shot at me and the Daemon Army – and the militiamen who were fighting them.


(7th Class Magic: Rock Cannon Damage 1300)


Only a 7th Class Magic, [Rock Cannon]?


As screams and shouts echoed from the Daemons and humans involved, I jumped from the top of the stronghold using my physical enhancements and used [Homing] on all the boulders smashing them down as I hopped over them at a high speed. 


“–[Death Slug]–“




With a deafening roar, I smashed the remaining rocks with a six-shot barrage using my Magic Gun Combat Skill.


Putting away the break revolver, whose black-gold color was scorched red by the continuous use of Combat Skills that should not be possible to activate continuously, I pointed my fingertips at the Earth Spirit while staying in the air, and the blue sky began to discharge electric charges.






The battlefield became silent as a huge thunderbolt fell from the heavens and the Earth Spirit, pierced by the 9th Class Magic [Mjollnir], fell to pieces with an inaudible scream, and what sounded like a woman’s scream could be heard from the distance.


As long as I knew what Spirit I was facing against, I would have no problem defeating it, since even that Great Spirit was weakened.
After all, according to my grandmother, I am now–


(Carol: Status Level 213.
HP765/770 MP890/1235.)


[Carol, you have set a foot in the realm of the Gods.]


Is what I ended up doing after that event…

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