r previous life.


[Carol, I’m too tired to move anymore!]

As Pochi landed, after flying at full speed from the Daemon Country, Carol approached him and patted him on the throat.

“Umm, thanks, Pochi, you and Bert-san get some rest.”

“Oh, hey, missy, you know what’s going on, don’t you?”


Carol responded quickly to Bert’s words and looked in the direction of the ongoing battle between Daemons and Caenista forces.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll take care of it.”



“Your Highness?”

The Queen, who had sent the Spirit on a rampage inside the enemy stronghold, suddenly stumbled inside the tent, and Duke Prata rushed over to her.

“What happened?”

“My Spirit has had a strong shock…it’s unstable.”

“…I understand.”

Unlike the [Beloved Child], in which Spirits voluntarily cooperates with the contractor, Spirit’s contractor was connected to the contractor by magical power, so that when a Spirit was damaged, the contractor was affected as well.

Since the contracted Spirit will be anchored in the material world by the contractor’s magical power, it was known that they would be more durable than a free Spirit.
Therefore, the queen and the contracted Spirit were sent out as trump cards against the Demon Lord, but the Demon Lord, who was said to have defeated hundreds of knights, had yet to appear.

The Demon Lord was a symbol of evil, like something out of a human fairy tale, and the commoners were strangely afraid of its existence, but the Duke of Prata did not believe that such a being actually existed.

In fact, he believed that the black dragon that was with the Demon Lord went on a rampage, and that the soldiers were too frightened by the name [Demon Lord].
The Queen’s Spirit was to dispel the fears of the soldiers and to counter the black dragon, and he expected the battle with the Daemons to end in a one-sided slaughter.

However, when the battle was about to begin, it turned out that Daemons had a large number of soldiers in their stronghold, and even their trump card, the Spirit, had not achieved much success because of the Black Knight from the Daemon Army.

So far, she had been using the Spirit to defeat that Black knight, but Duke Prata thought that if the Black knight was powerful enough to damage the Spirit, she should instead use the Spirit to strike the Daemons’ army in front of them before the Demon Lord and the dragon emerges to settle the matter early.

“Your Royal Highness, the Spirit should be here–“

At that moment, a multitude of yelping voices sounded from the direction of the battlefield: had either the Caenista or Daemons forces crushed the enemy? But it was unusual for soldiers to raise their voices on this long-drawn-out and exhausted battlefield.

As Duke Prata had a bad premonition, a messenger jumped in from the tent’s entrance, a terrible expression on his face.

“Report! Someone who looks like a Demon Lord is in the Daemons’ army!”


As he approached the messenger to find out what the report was about, the Queen stepped forward even faster than he did.

“You have finally appeared, Demon Lord! I will slaughter you with my Spirit! Ho-ho-ho-ho!”

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