nates who volunteered to follow him, but they were blown away by the Earth Spirit’s ranged attacks, and only Bert, wearing indestructible and slightly magic-protective armor, was barely able to fight the Spirit.




“So hard!”


The Earth Spirit looked like a huge rock golem in the shape of a beast.


Compared to the Wind and Water Spirits, Bert, a warrior, was able to fight this spirit because it had substance, but even with the great sword Carol had given him, even Bert was unable to overcome the mithril-like hardness of its outer skin.


“…If only Pochi were here…”


The dragon’s breath was not physical fire, but more like a magical attack.
The dragon’s breath could deal a blow to Spirits. Boris said that he had called out to Pochi when he was about to return to this city, but Pochi waited for his master, Carol, and did not move from the front of the sealed rocky mountain.


“Ah, crap…”


The Earth Spirit roared in front of Bert’s eyes as it began to shake the atmosphere, and a cold sweat broke out on Bert’s face.


This was probably the [Earthquake] that blew away Bert’s men earlier, but it seemed stronger than before to Bert, perhaps due to the Queen’s irritation.


“Oh, screw it!”


Daemons did not run away without a fight.
The Daemons, who respect strength, would not run away, leaving Bert to fight on his own, and even now, when Bert realized that a few Daemons remained in the neighboring houses, he stood in front of Spirit, shouting as if to inspire himself.


“Aim at me, damn it! …hmm?”


At that moment, Bert heard the whispered voices of the remaining Daemons in his ears.


The sound was startling…exultant…and it bothered Bert so much that he looked up while making the mistake of taking his eyes off the Spirit in front of him and saw a black dot approaching from the distance, like a drop of ink in the pale blue sky.




Jet-black wings, cutting through the wind and soaring through the sky.
A red and black figure riding on the back of the dragon’s huge body leapt out of the sky faster than the dragon, and with a long, single-edged sword that exceeded her height, she plunged in like a bolt of lightning, interrupting Bert and the Spirit of the Earth.


“–[Lightning Slash]–!”


Slashing through the mithril-hard skin of the Earth Spirit like a machete splitting an apple, the girl spun around with her long, lustrous black hair, not even looking at the crumbling Spirit.


“I made it in time.”


“Young Lady Carol, your reaction was too lax!”

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