The four Spirits protecting the royal family were the Spirit of Fire, which had been stolen by Flare; the Spirit of Water, the Crown Prince Julio’s Spirit; the Spirit of Wind, protecting the king; and the Spirit of Earth, protecting the queen.
Queen Sylvia was sent as the general-in-chief to protect Julio, the next king, whose character was ill-suited for battle.


In addition, there were 50 court magicians capable of using magic of 3rd class or higher, and Count Arella, the first court mage, was capable of using 6th-class magic. 


From the First Order, there are 80 members of the “Magic Gun Corps”, which possessed magic guns and was mostly composed of children of the First Order.
The Duke of Prata and his knights joined the army as its general staff, and Abel, the commander of the First Order, was appointed as the commander of the strike force.


Although the number of knights and soldiers were the same, the force was much larger than the previous one.


The purpose of the invasion this time was not only to divert their dissatisfaction, but also to sell all the captured demons as slaves to other countries to obtain funds.


Even now, the Prime Minister, who remained in the Royal Capital, was going around embassies of other countries, making contracts for the sale of daemon slaves.


“Damn them, they attacked us at a troublesome time!”


Bert, now a black knight as well as a sword saint, took off his helmet and slurped water in a tent.


The Daemons were supposed to provide them with magical tools for concealment and defense, but Carol, who had gone to their land for this purpose, did not return, so it was delayed.


About a month after Carol entered the village of the High Elves, when the King of Daemons decided that things were getting out of hand, he dispatched a 2,000-strong Daemons army to the city of Daemons.
Three months have passed since then, and still there is no information about Carol.


The delay in dispatching the Daemon Army was partly because they were waiting for Carol to return, but also because the King of Daemons had prepared food and a simple base for them to reduce the burden on the city.
The problem was that the Caenista army, which had been forcibly recruited and deployed, moved unusually faster than expected.


By the time the Daemon Army led by Boris, who had been appointed as commander, arrived, the Caenista army was too close to the city to provide cover.


Against the Caenista army of 4,000, the Daemon Army was joined by 2,000 volunteers from the city and the black knight Bert.
But the Caenista army, which had collected all the food from the villages along its march, began a day-and-night offensive, and the Daemons army, which was protecting many civilians, was gradually pushed back.


There were several times when Bert, the strongest force in Daemons’ army, could have overturned the war situation if he had fought on the front line, but the Queen’s Spirit of the Earth targeted Daemons’ city directly, and Bert was forced to defend the city.


However, the Caenista army, which had planned to crush the Daemons’ stronghold in one fell swoop with Spirit’s attack, was disrupted by the presence of the black knight, who could inflict damage on Spirits by himself, and the war reached a stalemate, and ten days have already passed since the war began.


But this situation would not last long.
Most of the lowly forest monsters that had sporadically attacked the Caenista army have been exterminated, and the Caenista army now had more time to spare.


Even so, after ten days of continuous fighting, the soldiers would be exhausted and the offensive would weaken, and the queen’s patience was also reaching its limit.


Inside a huge tent set up in the Demon Forest, the queen, clad in a knight’s ceremonial dress for women, threw a glass of expensive wine, which was running low, at the maid and raised her voice in frustration.


“I can’t stay in this filthy place any longer, set fire to the fort! Get those Daemons out of the city!”

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