The tax rate had risen to compensate for the King’s assets, and now the commoners of the territories, who not only had to pay more taxes but also had to accept refugees from the Royal Capital, became highly distrustful and dissatisfied towards the Royal Family and the nobles.


The same distrust was felt by the lower-class nobles who had been in contact with the commoners, and they began to informally contact Camille, the king’s brother, to see if there was any way to get a better deal before the next payment of taxes.


This was not lost on senior nobles such as the Prime Minister, the Marquis de Cadeau, and the Duke of Prata.

However, cutting them all off would further reduce tax revenues.


Since the situation had grown to this level, public execution of Flare, the main culprit, was not enough to resolve the people’s discontent.
So, after repeated consultations, they advised the King to divert the discontent elsewhere, and a few days later, a decree was issued in the King’s name.


[The destruction of the Royal Capital is a conspiracy of the Daemons.
Many innocent knights and soldiers lost their lives protecting the people, and many citizens lost their homes and families in this matter as well.]


The daemons were sneaky, targeting crops and wells, and trying to create discord among the humans, who ruled this great world.
Humans will not be defeated by the daemons.


We will march on the Daemons’ stronghold to defeat the Daemons’ leader!


The force consisted of approximately 3,000 knights and soldiers recruited from the noble families of the Royal Capital, mainly from the First Order.


Although there were still some forces left in the local noble families, they could not be used because of their distrust, and this was almost all the remaining forces of the Royal Capital, which already had a minimum of protection.


This was the same level of strength as the previous invasion of the Demon Forest, and last time they were defeated by a single Demon Lord with that force, but this time they had countermeasures [against the Demon Lord] in place.


To restore the royal family’s trust, a member of the royal family with Spirit as a guardian was to accompany them as a “countermeasure” against the Demon Lord.

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