u escape, Flare-san!”

Alice’s Spirits, having sacrificed a few of their own Spirit to repel the Fire Ball’s flames, shot countless ice arrows at Flare and her reinforcements.
The ice arrows pierced the Third Order with the surviving Second Order, and one of them struck the Lady who was her follower who had rushed to the scene.



“You Idiot…”

The ice arrow pierced Flare’s back as she stood in front of her follower, who slumped down stunned.

Flare grabbed her by the neck and raised her up with one hand, yelling at her.

“You fool! You are in my way! Get the hell out of here, or I’ll kill you with my own hands!”


Seeing her master injured and angered, the young lady turned blue in the face and gnashed her teeth.
The moment she heard the voice calling her name, Flare’s eyes widened, and she threw the young lady in the direction of the other followers.

Dos, dos, dos, dos! 


“I won’t let you do something terrible to that girl!”

Flare’s back was pierced by several ice arrows shot by Alice’s Spirit.
Flare’s Fire Spirit blocked the ice arrows that continued to be fired.



Flare spit blood from her mouth, as her followers screamed.

[Now! Strike Flare down!]

The First Order, led by Abel, finally arrived and attacked Flare.

No matter how high-status the Great Spirit contractors were, if they were caught off guard, they would be nothing more than a slightly stronger person.
The adults of the First Order attacked one girl in high spirits, saying that she no longer had the strength to resist.

“It’s the least I can do! I will lead her away…”

Abel, who had burn marks all over his body, swung his sword and smiled a crooked smile, as if to torture the motionless Flare with his sweat-soaked face.



“…shut up.”

Flare suddenly grabbed Abel’s face in an eagle grip, and steam rose from between Abel’s sweat-soaked face and Flare’s white hand, distorting the view in a shimmering way.

“…Gu, ha, ha, haa, guaaaahhh!!!”

Flare’s palm bursts into flames and scorches Abel’s face.
Abel, who had already dropped his sword, smacked Flare’s arm with his cuirass, but the girl’s thin arm was undaunted, and the knights who moved to save Abel involuntarily cowered at the sound of the low, audible laugh.

“Ahahaha!!! I am still alive! Knights, if you want my head, you’ll have to pay for it! Ahahaha!!!!”

Not only the knights and soldiers, but even Alice was pale and unable to move at the gruesome sight of the knight commander’s face burning as she laughed hysterically.

The nightmarish, all-mocking laughter echoed through the Royal Capital, and when the night sky, which had been tinged with red by the flames burning the Royal Capital, had started to turn white – the royal family was notified of the capture of the rebel Flare.

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