“The Demon Lord died from wounds sustained during the Great War, and the powerful magical tool that he used was taken with his body by the High Elves who granted it to him, sealing off the path to their village.”


“Do you want me to find that magic tool and [inherit] it?”


“I’m not asking you to do that.
However, this is the first human invasion in a hundred years.
To prepare for that, I think we will need that magic tool once more.”


After hearing various people’s stories and reading literature, I felt uneasy, but the story that was taught to humans was [that Daemons invaded the human tribe because they wanted their land; but for the Daemons, it was [that they were persecuted by those whom they had helped].


I heard that there were three countries of Daemons at that time and that two of them were lost due to war, one of which was the elven country mentioned earlier.


The story that when they retreated, they released demons and turned the place into the [Demon Forest] where humans could not enter was also the result of the contracted spirits going out of control after the elven royalty was killed.


“I called Carol-dono because I thought she might be able to break the seal on the road leading to the village of the High Elves with her strong power.
And would you mind asking the High Elves in the village beyond to lend us their magical tools once more?

Of course, we will provide full security for the settlement, guarded by Carol-dono.”


“What if I refuse?”


“We can’t really force you, can we? I know this is a sudden and reckless request.
Even then, we will still send a part of our army to protect the village, so you don’t need to worry.
Our country will be in danger next if that village is destroyed.”




That was pretty blunt.
I had been poisoned by the Caenista kingdom’s thought process for a long time, too, thinking that since he was the king, he would have said something like, “I am the king, so why don’t you sell your gratitude and work under my name…?”


When I see a great person, I believe them to be terminally ill, wondering if they were some kind of pervert.


I’ll try.”


“Oh, you’ll do it!”


I still had many questions, but I think it was probably easiest to ask the High Elf what’s going on.
I didn’t know what that magic tool was, but I had a feeling I would need it to fight the Kingdom of Caenista as well.


The seal blocking the way to that High Elf village was located surprisingly close to the Daemon Kingdom.


That day, I was allowed to stay at the castle and enjoyed a bath and a bed for the first time in a long time.
After all, it was not refreshing to just wipe the body with a wet towel.


Boris and the others led me to a rocky hill in the forest which was about half a day’s distance from one of Daemon country’s gates, along with the Daemon uncle who was glaring at me – Barbas.


“Hmph, what can a little girl like you do? It’s not like we’re playing house.”


“Barbas-dono, you can’t just stand there and…”


Boris was trying to quiet down Barbas, who was complaining about me.
He seems to be the leading royal court magician of the Daemon Kingdom.


“Listen, little girl, the heir of the Demon Lord should be Daemon.
You don’t look like someone strong enough to break the seal of the High Elves.”




He was saying, “I told you, there’s no such thing as inheritance.” but I ignored it because if I said anything, he would continue talking again.


“Setup [Witch Dress].”


“Wha, what can you do even after changing?”


When I transformed into Witch, it seemed that I was expecting it, probably after hearing about it from Boris, but as expected, Barbas still complained to me while widening his eyes in surprise, as if he realized that all this equipment was the highest grade of magical equipment.


….This was becoming a pain in the neck.
I returned my gaze to the rocky hill, thinking.


A large metallic door suddenly appeared on a rocky hillside.
That was the seal of the High Elves.


The door itself seems to be imbued with powerful magic, but the problem was the existence of a giant slime that had fed on the magic and grown to the size of a small mountain over the course of a hundred years.


The slime grew so large that even after it was burned with fire, it didn’t get affected.
And even if they tried hitting it with a weapon, the nucleus was too far away; weapons piercing it would melt in a few seconds.


I guess I had to use that “thing” again.
The first time I used it, it was all I could do to activate it for a bit, but this is the second time, so I should be able to use it reasonably well.

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