And you know, I was actually imagining what the place was going to be like.

The land of Daemons – when I heard that, I had the impression that it was a frightening place, with thunder rumbling under a dark sky and residents with weapons sneering from abandoned buildings, but it was no different from the land of humans.

As we continued to move through the main street while riding on Pochi, the inhabitants ran and hid like spiders, peering at us from the shadows with frightened gazes.
And I also saw not only Daemons but beastmen, dwarves, elves, etc.
mixed in with the Daemons.
A multi-ethnic nation?

The vegetables and fruits sold at the stalls were almost the same as in Caenista Kingdom.
Though the place was somewhat larger than Caenista’s Capital. 

Perhaps there was less conflict because the land was more fertile than in the areas where humans lived.

The city itself was huge, so much so that it could be called a metropolis.

“His Majesty has built a barrier by gathering the Daemons’ magical power to protect the remaining Daemons and those of other races here, as well as to prepare for an invasion in the Demon Forest or by the Humans.”

“That’s remarkable.”

Boris provided an explanation in response to my questions.
Bringing the people together and surrounding them with a wall.
It was easy to say, but to protect not only your own people, but also refugees of other races, and to erect a barrier across an entire metropolis with a population of more than 300,000 people, was outrageous.

Even in the capital of the Kingdom of Caenista, only the middle-class and upper-class areas were covered with protection.

As we approached the castle, we were surrounded by knights who had come from the castle to greet us.
The castle where the king lived was beautiful, slender and tall, like a pure white tower.

“It is my first time meeting you.
I am Veritris, Lord of Belias.”

“Carol Nym…”

The king of Daemon was a kind-looking old man with a long, white beard.

I wouldn’t say he looked weak…but did he have a young body sealed up somewhere? I almost suspected it.

The king welcomed us not in the audience chamber, but in the castle courtyard with tea and sweets for Pochi to enjoy.

I had the impression that Daemons and the other members of the group were looking at me in surprise, but I felt no hostility.

Well, some of them looked pompous staring at me, but that was nothing to worry about because to some extent, there were people like that everywhere.

“I heard that you were a young lady, so I had someone prepare this for you, but unfortunately, I don’t know if it would be to your liking.”


The king himself ate first and offered me some sweets, while Pochi was also served a whole live cow.

There was a possibility that he was just a pervert with a good face like that old bishop, but if I doubted him further, there would be no point in visiting, so I sipped my tea and urged him to talk to me.

“By the way, [Nym]…could you be related to ‘Arceides’?”

“…I had given up that name.”

My second name, which I used as my family name since I had given up the family name, was Nym, which I believe means “demon” or “fairy,” and was used as a derogatory term in the Arceides family for a long time.
Dirk had once proudly told me that it would become my family name.

It was a word that I certainly had never heard elsewhere, but I was no longer related to the Arceides family and had no regrets, so I didn’t want to hear anything about it now.

“I see.
I’m sorry I said something strange.”

“It’s fine.”

The king, perhaps noticing my subtle scowl, or perhaps remembering that Caenista was a human race supremacist, bowed his head in a humble manner.

“Your Majesty! There is no need to bow to such an unknown little girl! I do not recognize that person as the Successor!”

The uncle who had been staring at me earlier suddenly shouted.


“Quiet, Barbas! I’m sorry, my guest.
I know you have many questions, but could you please listen to this old man first?”


It would appear that the reason he called me here was not simply to see me, the rumored Demon Lord, but for some other purpose as well.


A little over a month had passed since [Abominable Child] Carol Nym Arceides, a subhuman daughter born to a noble family, went missing during the destruction of the royal castle.

As for the events that occurred during that time, first, a member of the Arceides family was found guilty of a crime.
The head of the family, who had left the line, took responsibility and retired, and Dirk, who had been the temporary head of the family, officially became the new head of the family.

Then, Alice Lannon, a commoner, was given the rank of baronet, albeit for one generation only, for her services in the battle against the Daemons, which started the whole affair, and was even adopted by a Viscount Family on the recommendation of several noblemen.

The Viscountess of Yogle, who lost her estate and son in the war with Daemons several decades ago, was now an aristocrat in name only and was living on an aristocrat’s pension.
She adopted Alice making her now a full-fledged member of the aristocracy and Alice had now become Alice Lannon Yogle.

It was then that a dark shadow began to shroud the kingdom of Caenista.

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