A few days later, a nobleman’s carriage with the insignia of the noble family removed was quietly driving its horse along the road from the Royal Capital to the frontier.


It was escorted by only one man with a bad look in his eyes, who also served as a guard.
The decorations had been removed to make it less conspicuous, but it was still more magnificent than commoners’ carriages, and it appeared to be a carriage used by a traveling noble or merchant.






An arrow shot from the woods along the road pierced the driver’s head, and as the man collapsed on the side, about six men dressed in filthy armor and wielding rusted weapons jumped out of the woods.


“Kill them! Seize the young woman!”




Probably fugitives from past battles who had become bandits or taken their equipment.


Although there were no bandits near Demon Forest because of the threat of demons, many bandits roamed in the other areas of the region.


As the bandits ran to their wagons, another voice echoed from the opposite side of the forest.


“–[Ice Storm]–“


I appeared in my aristocratic robes where the white storm blew through, and the white-frosted bandits clattered down after that.


“Young Lady Carol!”


The carriage door opened and a young woman with chestnut hair -Maia, the maid- ran up to me and hugged me with all her might, crying.


“Maia, I apologize for worrying you.”


“Young Lady…”


As I was patting Maia’s head as she hugged me, Meiya and Danny appeared from the carriage and smiled with relief when they saw me.


“Young Lady….
it’s good to see you safe and sound.”


Are you guys okay? And the gentleman over there?”


“He was probably commissioned from one of the Guilds…”


“I see.”


A guild…which guild would be it? They wouldn’t take this kind of stuff in the Adventurers’ Guild, so it’s probably the Criminal Guilds.


Flare most likely didn’t mean to let them go out with this kind of escort, but she just couldn’t care less about other people’s lives or anything else in general.


“So, what do you guys want to do? If you want to live in peace, you can do whatever you want with the money I gave you, and I’ll send you wherever you want.“


“I’m going to join you, Young Lady!”


I was about to give her the chance to choose, when Maia immediately declared.
Was this a good idea? I turned to Maia’s parents and they both chuckled, then nodded deeply at me.


“If it’s not too much trouble for you, we’ll follow you too because we can’t leave Young Lady and Maia alone.”


“…Thank you.”


To be honest, I was happy that they decided to join me.
I could do many things, but I couldn’t do everything.
So, I won’t hide anything from the three of them anymore.


“–Setup [Witch Dress]–“


When they saw me in my transformed form, their eyes widened and their mouths dropped open.


“This is [me].
I know there’s a lot more to come, but will you still follow me?”


Maia answered with a strong “yes,” and Meiya and Danny nodded with smiles.


Now it was time to go.
To a new country.

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