Then I swing it a few times, but for some reason I can’t successfully connect an attack.
It’s partly because I’m moving so fast that my consciousness can’t keep up, but it’s also because my body moves according to a fixed attack pattern moveset, probably due to my combat skills, so I can’t move well.

(Editor: Think of fighting games like street fighter, or tekken, where every character has a very specific moveset, down to how they move, punch, etc) 

Hmm… [Type] is it?



The butler stepped back as if dismayed by the sharp thrust I made.

I changed my way of thinking.
If this is a fixed [Type] of movement, then why not just think of it as a martial arts [Type]? 

Snap, snap, snap!

Suddenly, I began to attack as if I had changed my personality, and the butler expressed a visibly impatient yet angry emotion.

“Why aren’t you hitting me! Are you looking down on me!”

“Eh, because this is a kitchen knife.”

Hermes is a kitchen knife from the looks of it.
I don’t want to cut somebody’s flesh unless it’s for food.


The butler clicks his tongue and steps back while he starts chanting the spell again.

“[O earth that governs all things.
Become stone rubble and crush my enemies] [Stone Blitz]!”

At the butler’s spell, pebbles float up from around us and fly towards me.
Oh, it unlocked them again.

But with so many of them, it’s impossible to strike them down with the same magic.


While spinning around, I use [Sword Dance] to strike down all the flying debris with my dagger.

“This, this monster! [Triple Edge]!”

That’s rude.
He was probably trying to exploit the gap with Stone Blitz.
The butler’s thrusts, which seemed as slow as the flying debris, reminded me of the existence of [Fighting Spirit].

As I recall, it says in the instruction manual that it’s a monosyllabic non-attribute magic that consumes MP and is released through the medium of a weapon.

“[Gale Edge]”

The dagger [Fighting Spirit] I unleash catches the butler’s [Fighting Spirit], causing him to look aghast.

“Nonsense… why do you know [Gale Thrust]!”

That’s what they call it here, huh?

It was a verification, but my power is sufficient here as well.

I heard that there is no concept of [Level] here, only the increase of abilities through skills, but my Level in VRMMO was 95.

By the way, in the early days of the game, the limit of skill increase was limited to 50, and it was difficult to raise your level past that.
But now by doing quests one power level up to reach level 100 skills, reaching that would make one go beyond level 100.
Therefore, If we assume that 50 is the limit of a human, then there is a big difference in power between a normal human and me.



Oh, no.
I took too much time to verify.

My heart starts to beat faster, and my body suddenly feels heavier.

My movements visibly slowed down, and the heat leaving my body caused me to step back and hug myself.


The butler gave me a dumbfounded look as the Witch Dress I was wearing came off with a bang, and I returned to my small Carol form.


“…Ha, hahaha, what’s this? Don’t tell me you’ve been transformed by magic! You really are a Witch!”

The dumbfounded butler finally understood my situation as I slumped to the ground, and a twisted smile appeared on his twitching face.

“Time is up? You’ve run out of magic, you stupid little abomination! That’s all there is to dirty blood!”

That’s right.
I thought I was prepared for this, but I guess I wasn’t.
I was unconsciously hesitant to kill him – a human being.

“Either way, you’re finished! You can die for the sake of the young lady’s heart!”

The butler approached, holding a dagger with a spilled blade.

The butler approaches me, ready to take my life for the sake of his beloved “young lady”.

I was ready, but not ready enough.
But I will not hesitate anymore.
I will continue to resist until the end.

“Set [Break Revolver].”


Bullets are released from the magic gun that appears as if it is pressed against the ground, calling out and embedding its grip in the ground.

I can’t hold it.
I can’t even aim.
That’s why I was waiting for him to come closer to the line of fire.


The butler put his hand on his own chest with a surprised look on his face, and with a look like a tearful laugh at the overflowing blood, he collapsed, spitting out blood.


I made up my mind not to give up.

I am now prepared to face my fate as a “Villainess” in this world…

Hope that you liked this chapter.
See you in the next one.

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