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“Stop it!”

A voice of restraint echoed in the dimly lit passageway, and two boys appeared from a side passageway.

“Yo, your Highness!”

“Even if she is a sinner, you should not be violent towards a weak woman.”

“Let that one pay for his sins in front of the public.
Don’t inflict unnecessary wounds.”


At the instruction of the two boys, the large knights bowed.

It was Crown Prince Julio and Ian, son of the Prime Minister.
What were they doing here? Even though they were inside the castle, they appeared without any companions and approached me with the same attitude as usual, even though I was bound with shackles that sealed off their magic.

“Hey, you look better than I expected.
I’m glad.”

“I never thought you’d come back on your own after you went missing on the battlefield.
You traitor.”


…Well said.
I assumed it was all because of the convenient reports you guys made to cover up your own blunder.

Still, the original plan was to kill me and frame me, a subhuman of treachery, so I guess that excuse was acceptable, but it still didn’t make me feel any better about it.

I would love to escape from here, but for now, I would be patient and be ready when Maia and the others were safe.

“So, I’m here to offer you a proposal.
Will you listen to me?”


Julio whispered softly to me, his usual thin smile twisting into a disgusted grin.

“If you are to be mine, I can talk to Father about you.
I can’t make you my favored consort, but I can make you my pet, you know?”

“Please stop dreaming with your eyes open.”

Ian raised his voice from behind Julio, who seemed momentarily taken aback when I answered without a pause.

“You, you, you subhuman, are you denying Julio-sama’s mercy!”

“Ian, stop it.
I see, Fufufu….
I like your dirty words.
Well, let’s just back off this time.”


Julio rebuked Ian and walked away, as if he wasn’t so attached, but Ian glared at me until the end, as I walked with the knight to the prison.

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