“Ggh, ha…”


“Hahaha, don’t think that subhumans like you can make a big face in the land of the humans!”


… Out of nowhere, he just stabbed him? I sincerely prayed for him, who was killed before I could help him.
I memorized the knight’s face.
He was not a good man, and I did not get along very well with him, but I would avenge him someday.


She didn’t know if there was a miscommunication or if they were capturing the subhumans from the outside in order to prevent them from escaping, but in any case, the noble knights, who despised subhumans but had never messed with them before, made a move on the subhuman without hesitation.


I was worried about Maia and the others.
Even though they look human, Maia and her siblings have Beastman blood in their veins.


If that was considered a crime, then all the current humans would be guilty because they should have some kind of subhuman blood mixed in their veins, but the nobles believed they were pure humans, so there was no telling what they would do.




I would not head there covertly, but use [Space Transition] to a marker in my room.




I opened the door and went downstairs where I found Maia and her son looking exhausted.




“Young Lady!”


“Thank God you’re okay…”


Maia hugged me before I could call out to her.


Meiya and her husband were in tears, relieved that I was safe rather than wondering why I was here.


“Maia, what in the world…”


“Young Lady Carol, it’s not safe here, please run away!”


Maia looked up and said this with great vigor as she stroked my head and hugged me.


I decided that asking Maia, who was emotionally unstable, any more questions would be difficult, so I turned my attention to Meiya, who nodded seriously and told me what I wanted to know.




The other day, there was an [Official Notice] from the castle.


When the knight army led by the Crown Prince went to fight off Daemon’s advance troops who had gathered in the Demon Forest to invade Caenista Kingdom again, they were trapped by vile magic, but those attacks were averted by [Spirit’s beloved child], who followed them with a pure heart. 


The damage, however, was significant, and it was found that the Daemons were aware of their movements and that it was the Daemon’s advance guard, the subhumans, who had informed the Daemons of their intentions.


Therefore, the nobles and people of Caenista should seize all subhumans who joined the vile Daemons in the name of justice, and if they resist, they should be dealt the hammer of justice in the name of Caenista Kingdom.




…What kind of reason was that? It was a very unrealistic setup.


I couldn’t help but be stunned, but perhaps it was a [convenient truth] for the aristocrats, who believed in human supremacy.


“Therefore, you should leave the country immediately…”


“That’s not going to happen!”




The doorway to the remote house opened, and a few figures rushed in.




“Carol…how dare you come back here, you disgrace of the Arceides family.”


Dirk, my brother in this life…the current acting head of the House of Arceides, looked at me and said this as if to throw up.


“At least if you had died, I could have apologized to His Majesty… Carol, report to the royal castle immediately, where His Majesty will pronounce judgment on you.
You are no longer a member of the House of Arceides!”




I didn’t have any aspirations to be a noble, but I didn’t like the way he was talking to me.
Dirk seemed to be slightly intimidated when I silently glared at him, but he immediately gave me a foolish smile.


I know you’re a dark Spirit user, but you’re okay with letting it run wild? You may be fine with it, but even your servants will be considered just as guilty there, right?”




Meiya and her husband seemed concerned that their daughter might be involved, even if Maia was not.

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