Innocent Absolution Part 1


After a day or so of recovering my strength, I changed my equipment to an archer outfit [Arjuna Cloche] that was different from my usual, just in case, and returned to the vicinity of Royal Capital.




However, something was different.
It would be strange for me to appear in the Royal Capital after being separated on the battlefield, so I planned to use [Space Transition] to get closer and then return to Carol, a noblewoman, near the Royal Capital’s gates to go inside, but unlike before, the air seemed tense.


Since the Royal Capital had a large population, workers and others settled outside the outer walls, and the area in front of the gate was in the form of a small inn town.
I stopped by a stall selling fruit and other items to get some information.


“Give me one of those oranges there.”


“Here’s six small copper coins.”


“Keep the change.
I have a question.”


I removed my hood as we exchanged the orange for a large copper coin, and the lady’s face turned blue at that moment.


“Oh, you’re an elf, I won’t say anything bad about you, just get out of the Royal Capital.”




When I tried to ask her what had happened, she threw the copper coin she had received back at me.


“You should go now.
If we get involved with the subhumans, we’ll get caught too.”


With that, the aunt retreated to the back of the stall as if frightened.


What happened in the Royal Capital? I looked around and saw people whose eyes met mine looking away, and a young woman who looked like a mother picking up her child in her arms hurried away.


There was more prejudice against subhumans in Royal Capital than in other parts of the country, but it was not as bad as this.


This… I probably shouldn’t go back.


I put the hood of my cloak back on and, using my Concealment Skill, I left the secluded area and then climbed over the five-meter-high outer wall, going under the watchful eye of the patrolling soldiers.


There were very few subhumans living in the Royal Capital.
However, there were people who came here on business, like adventurers, so I saw a few of them when I walked down the street, but when I looked from the roof while using the Concealment Skill, I couldn’t find anyone who looked like a subhuman.


 [What the hell are you doing out of the blue!] 


[Shut up!] 


I heard such voices coming from the back alley on my way to the Adventurer’s Guild, and as I approached the roof, I noticed a strange-looking wolf-beast man struggling with the guards.


“What did I do? I just came back from the dungeon!”


“Don’t you know the official notice? All subhumans in this country have been ordered to be captured.
I ask you to keep calm and follow us.”


“What do you mean!?”


Ordered to arrest? All subhumans? What’s going on? He looks familiar.
I knocked him down once because he was an adventurer who used to get into trouble with women.


Should I help him? But even if I helped him here, he could be captured by the guards again unless he escaped from the Royal Capital, which was a big place.
If I tried to help him escape, I would have to deal with a number of guards.


Fortunately, the guards seem to be from a commoner background and seem rather sympathetic to him, so I doubt they would harm him as long as he stays docile.


“Hmph, no need to worry about filthy subhumans.”


At that moment, a knight appeared from the shadow of a building in my blind spot, and before I could react, he thrust his sword into the adventurer’s chest.

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