dy armor, full plate and a jet black greatsword.
It was an item I collected when I was in full role playing mode, and it looks wonderful and villainous.
The only functions were a slight vitality absorption (3% of damage) on the great sword and some magic resistance on the armor, but since it was rare and indestructible, it was great.


“Awesome equipment, but would this make me stronger? It’s not what I expected, but…”


“Don’t worry.”


This was just the preparation.
I still had some of the “potions” I made a long time ago, so I had him take those as well.


“It’s mild and rich, yet not overpowering…”


“It’s poison.”




It was a medicine that temporarily lowers skills.
To put it bluntly, it was poison.
But this was a trigger needed to complete a certain event, and at the time I had a few bottles left in reserve because I failed several times.


It was not an Otome game event, but a VRMMORPG event.


It was the [Limit Breaking] event, which removed level restrictions.


In the VRMMO, people do this every 10 levels, and eventually they could extend to 100 or more, and Bert-san needed to do the first one.
The contents of this–.


“I’m going to throw you into an ogre settlement, and you have to kill 100 of them alone within a day.
If you can’t kill them in time, or if you get help from someone else, you’ll have to start over.”




The event consisted of defeating 100 level 30 or higher enemies in one day while poisoned.


One might think that if they were level 50, it would be a piece of cake, but their skills would be down, and if they would be fighting alone, and the fight would be in a village.
There would always be about 5 to 10 of them attacking, so it would be a very tight battle.


If that were the case, one might be tempted to just hunt outside the village, but that would require a lot of luck to hunt in a single day.
I failed at that, too, and in the end, I eradicated them while gulping down MP restoring medicine.


“Pochi, if Bert-san is about to die, please help him.
He will have to start over, though.”


 [Oh, oh…] 




This was good for Bert-san.
I know it would be dangerous, but I should go back to the Royal Capital once to check on Maia and the others.
I hoped that nothing happened to them….

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