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It seems like we passed over the Daemon city on the way here, but the Daemons had already evacuated.
Pochi thought about joining them, but since there was “baggage” to carry, Pochi decided to evacuate.


So, was that the baggage?




…That looked like “Uncle Bert” to me, though.


I wondered why Pochi brought him here, but he seems to have just fainted, since there was no noticeable injury and his chest was moving.


At any rate, I poke him with the heel of my high-heeled shoes while sitting down, and he groans, “…ughh,” as if in a daze, then suddenly gets up as he sees me.


“Yo, girl!”


“…Good morning.”


He seemed to have been sleeping well.
Bert-san appeared to be hurt there, but he gulped and stretched his shoulders as he sat on the ground, sipping water from a canteen on his hip.


“By the way, what’s [Witch]’s young lady doing here?”




I didn’t understand the meaning for a moment, but then I noticed that the effect of the chemical had worn off, and my dress had turned back to red.
…Should I fake this?


“There’s also the Demon King’s dragon…the Demon King is…Nn~?”




This was a brilliant piece of evidence, but Bert-san didn’t seem to understand it well, even with all the circumstantial evidence.
I sometimes encountered this in games, but it was not funny to see a real muscle brain who was extremely focused on his fighting skills.


“I am the Demon King.”


“Oh, really! That’s why you’re so strong.
I’m convinced.”


It was too much trouble to explain, so I told him straight up.


To be honest, I felt a bit embarrassed to be called the Demon King, but this was the quickest way to explain it in a way that even a muscle brain could understand.


So, what should I do now? Because [Witch] and [Demon King] were just different colors, perhaps some of the witnesses noticed.
But I couldn’t let Bert-san go home because even if I let him go without warning him, some people might be able to deduce the truth from his testimony.


…If I hit Bert-san seriously on the head about 10 times, would his memory be affected?

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