“…haha, wow.”


I thought killing him was a matter of course, but I still didn’t want to kill Bert-san.
…Would that be naive?




The excited heat of the battlefield was replaced by a freezing silence.


Despair was on the faces of the soldiers.
Were they Bert’s men? The knights, who looked like they had made a tragic resolution, were readying their spears and looking for an opportunity to leap out of the way.


How Bert answered would determine what would happen next. At worst, he’d have to fight me in front of everyone here until the bitter end.




 [Spirit-san and the others, protect us all!] 


Suddenly, a girl’s voice rang out on the battlefield, sounding out of place, as if magnified by a loudspeaker.


What was that voice…? I hurriedly searched for the voice and found Alice, surrounded by the Crown Prince, Ian and Bert’s son Abel, on a hill quite a distance away, calling out to the Spirits with both hands raised.


“Spirit-san, get rid of the evil Demon King!”


At Alice’s – the [Spirit’s beloved child]’s call, Spirits gathered from the surrounding forests, and nearly a hundred Spirits, including lower-class Spirits, were glittering and forming an attack position above Alice.


…That idiot! The Spirits were willing to help her, but they were only interested in protecting Alice and would try to take me down along with all the surrounding soldiers to finish the job quickly.


The magic power was gathering in the sky above us.
If this continues, in a few tens of seconds, this whole area will be cleaved by the magic of Spirits.


“Pochi, Bert-san, get behind me!”


“Oh, hey!”




There was no time.
I haven’t experimented or tested it yet, but now I have to rely on it.


I drew another MP recovery potion from my bag and gulped it down in one gulp.
My body aches slightly as a result of the drug, but I continued to take it without regard to side effects, only for its fast acting effect.


“[I am the one who pursues the truth, the one who seeks the art of ruling reason.]”


This magic was not something I could cast without chanting yet.
I commenced the chants by voicing the incantation that floats in my mind.


“[To thee, buried in ancient time, struck down by the water maiden, I give thee, by the pact of my blood, a temporary manifestation]”


Alice’s Spirits began to glow, about to use the greatest magic each of them could unleash.


That… .kuh, it was a serious all-out attack…Spirits were said to be highly intelligent, but to me, they looked like children who were trying in vain to show [their beloved child] how good they were.


When the soldiers sensed something strange, they began to flee, but if they continued in this manner, everything on this side would be annihilated.


“[Howl, shatter, let your voice be a hammer that shatters the earth!]”


My chanting was completed at the same time as a torrent of seven-colored destruction was released from Spirits.


Tenth Grade Magic–


“—[Summon Behemoth]—“




A phantom of a magical beast with a body resembling an enormous bear, more massive than a mountain, and the horns of a bull rose into the sky above us, unleashing a roar of shockwaves that collided with Spirit and the others’ magic in between me and Alice, enveloping us all in a gigantic shockwave and white light….

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