ob quickly.


The magic power was gathering in the sky above us.
If this continues, in a few tens of seconds, this whole area will be cleaved by the magic of Spirits.


“Pochi, Bert-san, get behind me!”


“Oh, hey!”




There was no time.
I haven’t experimented or tested it yet, but now I have to rely on it.


I drew another MP recovery potion from my bag and gulped it down in one gulp.
My body aches slightly as a result of the drug, but I continued to take it without regard to side effects, only for its fast acting effect.


“[I am the one who pursues the truth, the one who seeks the art of ruling reason.]”


This magic was not something I could cast without chanting yet.
I commenced the chants by voicing the incantation that floats in my mind.


“[To thee, buried in ancient time, struck down by the water maiden, I give thee, by the pact of my blood, a temporary manifestation]”


Alice’s Spirits began to glow, about to use the greatest magic each of them could unleash.


That… .kuh, it was a serious all-out attack…Spirits were said to be highly intelligent, but to me, they looked like children who were trying in vain to show [their beloved child] how good they were.


When the soldiers sensed something strange, they began to flee, but if they continued in this manner, everything on this side would be annihilated.


“[Howl, shatter, let your voice be a hammer that shatters the earth!]”


My chanting was completed at the same time as a torrent of seven-colored destruction was released from Spirits.


Tenth Grade Magic–


“—[Summon Behemoth]—“




A phantom of a magical beast with a body resembling an enormous bear, more massive than a mountain, and the horns of a bull rose into the sky above us, unleashing a roar of shockwaves that collided with Spirit and the others’ magic in between me and Alice, enveloping us all in a gigantic shockwave and white light….

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