7 Determination

“――Setup [Witch Dress] ――”

The moment I made up my mind, the English [Command], which is not the language of this world, spilled out of my mouth.

The butler was easily blown away by the blow of my outstretched palm.

A feeling of overflowing power.
My body, which had jumped out in pursuit of the butler, had begun to move before my consciousness could fully adapt to it and by the time I realized what was going on I was already running through the ground, gouging the ground my legs were treading on.

The earth shattered and crumbled up just by changing direction due to the sheer force and speed.

As I kicked and crushed the trees in my way and ran at high speed, I heard the butler chanting a “spell”, and the spells of this world were converted into the language of the game in my mind, unlocking the magic of the game I had memorized.

“[Fire Arrow]” (Carol)

My Fire Arrow intercepts the butler’s Fire Arrow.

Chasing after the butler who was trying to flee into the woods, I took out my zanbatou Ridil and slashed through the trees, and in my wide field of view, I saw the butler staring at me with wide open eyes.

The height of my vision has shifted back to what I’m used to.

Wrapping around my enlarged hand is a black glove reinforced with metal.

Wrapped around my figure was a velvety red mini-dress embroidered with black roses and thorns.

My entire body was reinforced with black metal parts, and my long, knee-high heeled boots were the same red and black dual tone as my dress.

I decided to fight with all my might, and sought equipment that would allow me to fight with “all my might”.

That thought became the key word, and in order for me to fight with all my might, I needed a set of equipment that I was familiar with from the game… I had to use [Command] to equip it.

Partial armor was not good enough.
It had to be a complete [Series], so it could all be equipped and worn at the same time, and my body could be adjusted to it… and thus I was able to change my appearance to be able to fight at full strength.

In that game, the person I was now, wearing [My equipment is Unique], was called…

“I am [Witch]”

When I said my name, the butler’s eyes wavered as if he was confused.

I remembered that in the fairy tales Maia had read to me, the standard name for an evil wizard was Witch.

I’ve calmed down slightly.
I don’t know how it works, but it seems that I have transformed into my own player character from the VRMMORPG. 

This body seems to be able to use Ridil, but the problem is that my consciousness can’t keep up with the reaction speed of this body.

The fact that I was able to cut down several trees in a single slicing motion was an accident caused by momentum… I was actually half conscious.
My body seems to have moved on its own because I was half unconscious, but I feel like I could only control my body now if I calm down.

I put Ridil away in my bag because it was dangerous, and the butler also seemed to have calmed down, glaring at me and taking out a gorgeous dagger from his pocket.

“Witch…you’ve got to be kidding me.
I don’t know what kind of adventurer you are, but where did you hide that Abomination? “

I see, even if I am a half-elf with the same hair and eye color, he was unable to recognize me as “Carol”.

The butler was wary for a while, but after I kept quiet for a while, he seemed to feel that I could be easily dealt with, and he looked at my body and smirked.

“Did you hear the rumors about our people? It is wasted on you elven people.
If you give it to me quietly, I’ll put on a good show for you, okay? “

(Editor’s note: Please don’t be a pedophile.
You’ll get into jail for the rest of your life.
Seek treatment.)


I tilted my head, not understanding the meaning, and the butler took advantage of the moment of lull and stuck out his dagger.

Well, a momentary gap in time is meaningless.

“Set [Hermes].”


“What the!? “

I took out [Hermes Dagger], and deflected the butler’s dagger stab.
This is one of the weapons I’m using, but more importantly, the butler’s movements seem sluggish right now.
This is something that needs to be examined further in detail.

As I readied Hermes for the butler’s attack, he was wincing at the sight of the gorgeous dagger in my hand.

“How dare you destroy the dagger that was given to me by the young lady!”

Oh, a large portion of the blade is missing.
This Hermes is double rare, but it doesn’t even have that much attack power.

“Is it something cheap? “

“You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!”

He was offended.
Oh, I see, the young lady was my mother, wasn’t it? They seem to be very close.

“I’ll never forgive you!”


You won’t forgive me? That’s SUPPOSED TO BE my line.



The dagger I lightly thrust out caused part of the butler’s dagger to break off again.

See you in the next chapter.
Things are getting more heated.

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