Battle of the Demon Forest (3)

“Wha, what, she transformed!”

“Calm down! She probably just transformed herself with magic!”

The other knights were taken aback by my transformation, but they quickly regained their composure and pointed their weapons at me.


The first knight I hit staggered back to his feet, bleeding from the nose and mouth.

I thought that the impact was very light, but he must have cushioned the blow when I sent him flying.
Perhaps his skill level was higher than his appearance suggests.

“You, you look like a [Witch]…”

*Bang *bang *bang!

“…Go back to sleep.”

I fired three magic shots at the knight’s midline, who was on the verge of getting up, to quiet him down.

“[Witch]! It’s [Witch], the subhuman adventurer!”

“Someone, go back and tell the Prime Minister about this.”

“I’m going…Goho!”

The word “Witch” made one of them flinch for a moment, and then I thrust Ridil into one of them like a spear.

“[Fire Ball]”

I shot [Fire Ball] into the other two who had stopped moving, enveloping them in a blast of flame.


Dusting off the skirt, I dispelled the flames and took out a potion from my [Bag], dyed my crimson dress jet black just like when I attacked the drug farm, put on a visor to cover my eyes, and took a doping drug to speed up the recovery of my MP.

The attack on the Daemons conducted by Julio and his group was confirmed.Moreover, it was not a small-scale battle to provide merit for Crown Prince Julio.
The Prime Minister wanted to slaughter the people with one-sided charges in order to incite hostility against Daemons and subhumans throughout the country.

By trying to stop them, I might really turn humanity’s wrath against Daemons and subhumans.
But I would not stand by and let them kill me or the Daemons, who have done nothing to deserve it.

“…I will stop this.”

I muttered a few words of determination before charging out into the forest toward them as they marched forward.


“Captain! The adventurers who were out scouting have discovered traces of the Daemons.”

“Oh, really? Then the Knights will be heading that way.
Prepare to march!”

“Ha! How would you like to report this to the First Order?”


The captain of the Second Order, who was responsible for 40 knights, stroked his proud mustache with his finger and glared at the knight who made the suggestion.

“Are you an idiot? Do you really think I’m going to give all this credit to a bunch of skanks who are always holed up in that castle? Besides, think about it.
If we’re the first, we can have as many Daemon girls as we want as slaves, right?”

“…Well, yes.”

The young knight who came to report to the captain had a sneer on his face.

“Do you understand? If you find a Daemon, you can burn them alive or kill them if they get in your way.
We can do whatever we want with them.
Tell that to the others as well.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Of course, I’ll be the first to choose.
Ha ha ha.”

“――[Acid Cloud]――”


Suddenly, a white mist-like substance enveloped the area, corroding the armor of the knights at the center of it, and they too were burned and sprawled around.

“What’s going on?”

The knights under his command collapsed and scattered, and the captain, himself burned by the acid, fell to one knee with a look of anguish on his face.

“What the heck was that?”

A soldier, who was lucky enough to be out of range of the [Acid Cloud], shouted, and all eyes caught sight of a girl in a short, jet-black dress standing on top of a large tree.

“Daemons! Get up! Soldiers, fire your arrows!”

The captain of the knights yelled to the soldiers while holding the collar of the unmoving knight, and the soldiers, hesitant to shoot arrows at the girl, did as ordered and readied their bows.

The arrows were released from the archers, and the jet-black girl gently held her hand in front of her.


A massive amount of magical power and a storm of wind blew through the air, cleaving the hundred-odd soldiers and remaining knights with every arrow that was shot out.

“Guho, ku, dammit, where are you?”

The knight captain, who was blown away and rolled on the ground, looked at the jet-black girl while spitting out the dirt in his mouth, and the girl’s great sword, which came in like a gale to blow away the dust, cut off the captain’s head.


Most of the knights were knocked down, and the faces of the remaining soldiers were filled with fear.

Even so, the commander of the soldiers and the experienced soldiers readied their weapons, but the girl remained silent and lightly hoisted a great sword as tall as she was over her shoulder, and the soldiers were eventually unable to move, let alone touch her, until she vanished as she leisurely ran off.

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